• 85. Top Tips Tuesday - 'Fit and Forget' MOB Light

    85. Top Tips Tuesday -  Reliable MOB Light Now Half Price*

    Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 13.14.41

    Yes I know that the season is drawing to a close but for those guys still out on the water and the possibility that they will be tying up in a fading light or entering harbour in the dark, it is even more important to make sure you have a reliable MOB light attached to your horseshoe. So often I have seen (when working on customers boats) either the lens filled with water, the bulb missing or the liquid (potassium hydroxide methinks) that has oozed out of batteries draining into the lens cap! Well for those hardy guys still cruising, maybe about to start an autumn series, and for those folks who are already thinking ahead to 2016, we have a never to be repeated offer of a compact but powerful JOTRON SL-300 sealed horseshoe lifebuoy light c/w with holder at less than ½ retail price at £24-95*.

    Jotron SL-300 Lifebuoy Light

    The advantages of this Jotron model is apart from it being a sealed unit, there is no danger of bulb failure as it utilizes an unbreakable high intensity LED. As required by IMO Solas regs it flashes as a mimimum between 50 to 70 times a minute at 2 candela intensity and the ‘burn’ time once activated is greater than two hours!
    *expiry date of the battery is August 2019
  • 63. Top Tips Tuesday - Secure enough to prevent a M.O.B?

    Jackstay underside (hidden from UV)      Jackstay Topside (exposed to UV)

    Secure enough to prevent a M.O.B?

    Had a skipper in the chandlery on Saturday, brought in his old jackstays and asked us if we could make up a new set to exactly the same length, my reply "yes no problem I would agree the stitching looks well past its sell by date" his response, "Didn't notice the stitching, I just wanted to smarten up the deck!" Anyway instead of making a set up (turn around in our extremely busy sailloft doesn't match his equally busy sailing schedule) he purchased a set of Baltic Adjustable Jackstays and went away a happy skipper. Later that day, just out of curiosity, whilst I was in the sailoft I gave a sharp tug of the stitching, it failed with very little effort, even with my arthritic wrists! and as can be seen from the footage taken later whilst pulling the other end, just as weak!

    If you haven't already done so we do strongly recommend you spend half an hour checking the condition of your jackstays this weekend. Attachment points, be they U-bolts or folding padeyes (my preference) and securing shackles (check the monel seizing wire is still intact) and whilst you're at it even the industry standard hooks can occasionally fail to operate properly! As can be seen from the second image featuring a safety line, this particular one was recently condemned to the bin.

    Shackle Fail       Safety Line Spring Fail

    If the unthinkable does happens and you have to abandon your boat, for the month of May only we are offering free delivery (mainland UK only excluding Highlands) on all Seago liferafts.



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