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  • 173. Top Tips Tuesday - Dry Ship... Not On Your Nelly


    Apart from being a left-handed dyslexic, ‘asked’ to leave the Newcastle upon Tyne Royal Grammar School at sixteen having failed all my O levels as I was always bunking off to go sailing, I have a memory like a sieve when it comes to remembering certain things. I can, of course, remember all the details of the International 14's POW Thursday’s cup race back in the late seventies when we led for the first three laps and then got slowly overhauled by Mike Peacock: or the time when competing in Keith Musto’s Flying Dutchman at the European championships on Lake Thune when they had over twenty attempts to get the fleet off cleanly and the race was finally postponed to another day as the race officer ran out of cartridges for the starting cannon! But ask me for my mobile number or home post code (have only lived in the same place for ten years) and I am stumped. Fortunately Jen cannot remember our wedding anniversary either but as she said the other day it's like four life sentences without an early release for good behaviour.

    With Hindsight, our Mystery 35, now in the water in Mandraki harbour Corfu and Jenny and I getting ready to drive out to Greece (Millie the dog is insisting she comes with us) we are slowly working through the list of items we need to bring out with us to finally complete the ‘things to do.' Luckily Andy my boss gave us a leaving present when we had Hindsight shipped down to Marseille by truck; a Weems & Plath logbook and also one of their excellent Maintenance logbooks, open the front cover and the first page can be filled with information that you maybe don’t need every day but when asked for you need it fast! The Maintenance logbook has got blank pages for specifications, spare parts, section on it for boat's maintenance and separate repair record, blank pages for drawing on and most importantly a page at the back for additional information. Strange that Jenny has already written under ‘needed’, three bottles of Gin, couple of bottles of Port, cans of Fever Tree tonic, however what worries me that, if we say, each have two G & T’s per night a bottle is going to last maybe a week and a half and if we arrive Greece on the 4th September and leave Corfu on the 15th of October, even allowing for Jenny to fly home to see our youngest daughter's new born in the middle of September we are going to  run out of gin fairly rapidly. Looks like she will have to visit the duty free at Newcastle Airport on her way back out!

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  • 79. Top Tips Tuesday - Lest We Forget - Maintenance Logbook

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    Yup it’s the 1st day of September and for us Northern Folks summer is almost over, in a couple of weeks, if not earlier, there will be a nip in the air and of course the nights are drawing in fast, so whilst it’s still fresh in your mind why not put pen to paper and start listing (if you haven’t already done so) those maintenance jobs that you possibly forgot to do last fit out, but have now become a priority this time round! If like me you need a bit of discipline in your life and no I am not talking about my missus Jenny, why not invest in  that excellent Weems & Plath ‘The Maintenance Log’. Being spiral bound it can be opened flat and apart from a page devoted to the specification of the boat, there is a spare parts list, maintenance record, repair record, drawing pages in fact its 80 pages of critical maintenance information!

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    Whilst we are on the subject of ‘coming to the end of the season’ with shorter days and an awful lot less sun, damp and windless days don’t forget there is an easy and cost effective way to stop the spread of green mould on your pride and joy, you can protect your lines, covers, decks etc and it entails NO yes NO hard work, Wet & Forget is a brilliant product that does what it says, when diluted in a ratio of 5:1 and sprayed on any surface it will prevent the growth of green mould on all substrates and if you already have mould present it will dissolve it. A bonus to this wonderful product is that you can also use it round the exterior of the house so it can be paid for out of the household budget!

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    Next Monday Jenny and I fly out to Corfu to join our good friends on Nimrod Of Tyne for a couple of weeks of rest and recreation sailing in the Ionian, should there be no Top Tips Tuesday for three weeks you know the reason(s) why, could be a combination of too much sun, too much Ouzo/Retsina, or maybe a lack of WIFI!

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