MGDuff's Pre Season Anode Checklist

  1. Check you are using genuine MGDuff anodes
  2. Check that your anodes will last for the duration of the forthcoming season. Renew if more that 50% wasted
  3. Check that your anodes are surely fastened, the fixing bolts, nuts and washers are tight
  4. Check all internal bonding to ensure that the connections are clean and the cable is clipped up where necessary. if you have an MGDuff electro eliminator check that the springs are sound and it is positioned so that the brushes are in contact with the shaft.
  5. Check that you are fitting the correct anode material for the waters you are in i.e.
    • Salt water = Zinc
    • Brackish Water = Aluminium
    • Fresh Water = Magnesium
  6. When fitting a new anode you should also replace the serrated fan disc washers under the nuts and change the backing sheet on wood and GRP hulls. Exposed fixing studs, nuts and washers should be well greased or painted after assembly. (Do NOT paint the anode)