• MO's On The Tyne - St. Peters Winter Series supports Storrar Marine Chandlery in aid of Movember

    Mo's On The Tyne

    Where else would you see a bearded lady(s), correction attractive young fillies with MO's? Well, there they were, flashing their facial hair, the crew members on Buddy, Colin Davidson's sports boat and Athol’s MR Big. Not only was competition fierce but the competition to win the prizes on offer for the best Mo's was cut throat and that was before they shave them off!

    Anyway, almost two hundred pounds was raised to add to the Storrar MOrine Chandlery team coffers. Grateful thanks to all those who entered into the spirit of the day and those companies that helped by donating prizes, in no particular order: St Peters Marina, Seago, Orca Bay, Gill, Musto and Gul


    • Best MOteam, by a close shave, were the guys on Mr. Big
    • Best MOsportsboat, by a whisker, the team on Wild Reiver
    • Best MOfemale crew, by a hair's breadth, Anne Ainsworth
    • Best MOmale, by a mature mustache, Bob Baird
    • Best MOrib crew, by a natural look, Nick Thwaites
    • Best MOspectator, by a short hair, Lorraine Thwaites
    • Best MOrace Officer, by the real mccoy Tony Ainsworth

    Next weekend the MOSailing MOstorrar mustachioed mystros movement moves to (RMOYC) at Blyth, MOrthumberland where we hope beyond hope that we can raise even more MOsh,

    PS there will be MOre great prizes on offer from the likes of Spinlock, Dubarry, Marathon, Gul and Harken

    If you're interested in our progress heres a link to out Movember Team Page


  • The Power of the Mo

    Was its Andy’s moustache that gave the guys on Join The Club the incentive to win the third race of this year’s St Peters winter series ie the crew wanted to  get off the boat as fast as they could after racing finished (comments starting to appear  on Facebook include ‘looks like an over the top aging porn star’ and 'Got your number 118 118’) perhaps the truth will never come out? Anyway the guys recorded their first win of the series,  managing to hold off the current Flying 15 world champion Graham Vials who was closely followed by Bob the builder, guest helming on the Cork 1720 Wild Reiver. Apart from the Mo giving Andy a little bit of warmth he was as usual relying on his Musto base layer, Musto Gortex mid layer, HPX boots,  safety was provided  by his Spinlock Deckvest Lite and  for sartorial elegance (apart from the Mo) a pair of Gill sunglasses, with the sun low they were invaluable!

  • Carer Needed

    Rob's Sunday Out Had great day last Sunday, I spent time working on 'the project', coating pilot berth components with Epifanes two pack poly varnish & other panels with SP 302 clear coat (doing it this way saves you having to apply loads of varnish on bare timber to fill the grain up). For both the epoxy coating & varnishing, I always use a short foam roller and then in the case of varnish or paint, I 'tip' it off with a dry brush, the excellent Harris ‘No Loss’ Evolution brush for example. When ever I am working with such materials I make sure I protect my hands with latex gloves. The rest of the day was spent walking round Staithes, a little fishing village tucked into a cliff edge in North Yorkshire. It was very sunny but rather cold so I was glad i'd remembered my Henri Lloyd sunglasses, Musto Gortex Mid-Layer jacket (which of course I used to keep our bums from getting damp when we stopped for lunch!) Musto riggers 5 pocket trousers and my Musto backpack. Jenny meanwhile looked very fetching in her Musto Snug, kept her feet dry with her Sealskinz socks. With the lovely views from the cliff top it was a shame Jenny chose to take a picture of me, practising for Movember*, part eaten sausage roll in one hand, empty tub of piccalilli in the other and the remains of the first sausage roll all over my front. At least it amused the staff on Monday morning. *I will be looking for sponsors (as will Andy) when I start my Movember ‘cultivation’ next month.

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