• 75. Top Tips Tuesday - Lift, Tap, Shake, Guess No Longer With The Dometic Gaschecker

    In the ten years or so that we kept our Channel 31 out in the Canaries it was only after three years that it became a guessing game as to how much gas we had on board. We initially used a Camping Gas spring balance, that 'rusted up' and then of course let us down badly over Christmas, so we then resorted to a lift, tap, shake and guess, not very satisfactory when it comes down to domestic harmony on board! Why didn't I use a Dometic Gaschecker? heaven knows, perhaps it wasn't around in those days. The Dometic Gaschecker indicator is of German manufacture, it allows one to accurately check the level of gas in all standard propane and butane gas bottles in a matter of seconds and could one day save your bacon, never mind grilling or frying it! Whilst we’re on the gas bottle subject, the Blue Performance gas cylinder tray is worth considering, stops those unsightly rust stain from marking the locker.

  • 70. Top Tips Tuesday - Heatwave On The Horizon - Keeping Cool Onboard Your Boat


    There is nothing like lying on a vinyl covered bunk in a ‘pool’ of sweat with perspiration dripping off your face, yes I’ve been there and got the medal! Fortunately these days the majority of bunk coverings are breathable so lying in bed on a hot night isn’t such an ordeal! When we first took our Channel 31 down to the Canaries many years ago you couldn’t easily purchase an off the shelf windscoop so I made my own in our sail loft. At anchor with a breeze blowing it was excellent at directing fresh air down the forehatch and out of the companionway or through the aft hatch(s). These days there is a choice of either the original Windscoop or the more sophisticated Blue Performance design which has a built in mosquito or bug net to help keep below deck an insect free zone and specially designed panels which help catch the breeze from any direction. For that hot airless night in the marina when you’re plugged into shore power and electrical consumption isn’t an issue, the Caframo range of fans are worthwhile considering; incidentally the Taku (not cheap but a superb bit of kit) is a hatch mounted 12 volt fan which can be swivelled to either exhaust air out of a cabin or draw fresh in.

    Taku-7620_Boat_view       Taku

    CoolMax will also help you have a comfortable nights sleep, Jenny, who can get very hot at night, (lucky me) considers it to be the bees knees. It is a high tech fabric, designed to manage moisture by improved air circulation and to reduce humidity build up whilst you rest. The material is manufactured from an innovative fabric which "breathes", so that when you lie on it, the heat and moisture generated by your body will evaporate within the first hour. This will then allow your body to maintain a cool environment while you rest. The make up of the fibre allows the air to flow freely through the fabric and through the core, ensuring that no moisture will be trapped inside the mattress, pillow or cushion.

    COOLMAT-2small      Airmat illustration

    Keeping Cool Onboard Your Boat


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