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  • MO's On The Tyne - St. Peters Winter Series supports Storrar Marine Chandlery in aid of Movember

    Mo's On The Tyne

    Where else would you see a bearded lady(s), correction attractive young fillies with MO's? Well, there they were, flashing their facial hair, the crew members on Buddy, Colin Davidson's sports boat and Athol’s MR Big. Not only was competition fierce but the competition to win the prizes on offer for the best Mo's was cut throat and that was before they shave them off!

    Anyway, almost two hundred pounds was raised to add to the Storrar MOrine Chandlery team coffers. Grateful thanks to all those who entered into the spirit of the day and those companies that helped by donating prizes, in no particular order: St Peters Marina, Seago, Orca Bay, Gill, Musto and Gul


    • Best MOteam, by a close shave, were the guys on Mr. Big
    • Best MOsportsboat, by a whisker, the team on Wild Reiver
    • Best MOfemale crew, by a hair's breadth, Anne Ainsworth
    • Best MOmale, by a mature mustache, Bob Baird
    • Best MOrib crew, by a natural look, Nick Thwaites
    • Best MOspectator, by a short hair, Lorraine Thwaites
    • Best MOrace Officer, by the real mccoy Tony Ainsworth

    Next weekend the MOSailing MOstorrar mustachioed mystros movement moves to (RMOYC) at Blyth, MOrthumberland where we hope beyond hope that we can raise even more MOsh,

    PS there will be MOre great prizes on offer from the likes of Spinlock, Dubarry, Marathon, Gul and Harken

    If you're interested in our progress heres a link to out Movember Team Page http://uk.movember.com/team/990741



    Avid readers of my ramblings, may recall that on my journey North from the Excel based London Boat Show in January of this year I suffered a blowout in the outside lane of the A1 whilst driving Andy's fully laden van, fortunately it was a rear tyre that gave up the ghost. Well once again the curse has struck, there we were, navigator Clare & yours truly returning from exhibiting the STORM-BAG at the Southampton Boat Show, driving along (once again in Andy's Renault Traffic) up the A34, outside lane of course & in horrendous conditions....driving rain & gale force winds when the driver's side windscreen wiper blade decides to go walkabout! Managed to find a lay-by & with rather a lot of help from Clare (my reading glasses were useless in the rain) to swop the nearside blade over to give me a clear screen! Both of us got soaked from the waist down even though I had in my case my Musto Gortex mid layer blouson on & she was wearing over her Henri Lloyd fleece one of their Genesis vests. It was a shame however that her deck shoes let her down (apparently these shoes were her mums many years ago) as her feet turned green! Me I was wearing my Dubarry's, no issue with the colour running, would have also been confident if I had been in my Orca Bay's however they were being dried out under the van's heater as they got soaked at the show!

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