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  • Is it the litigious nature of life today?

    A recent addition in product literature on winches "DO NOT use Harken equipment for human suspension." There you have your aerial wizard ready in the bosun's chair. Do you now have to substitute a different winch or drag aboard a bunch of heave-ho types from the yacht club bar? Use the windlass instead? Not if it is electric, that's not safe. Very odd beasties winches. You select them based on leverage and sail area, not how stong they are. There's no safe working load figures. The only indication of strength of a winch is the size and number of fasteners needed to hold it down - a typical size 40 winch needs 5 x M6 bolts and surely that's enough to hoist wee Jimmy up there? It's a bit of a cop out.

  • Worse than a penalty shoot-out

    the Laser Radials at Largs end on a whimper with no racing at all. With no racing on the final two days of the Laser Radial World Championships at Largs Finland’s Sari Multala and Poland’s Marcin Rudawski became the womens and mens 2010 world champions. Both sailors successfully defended the championship titles they won last year at a breezy regatta in Japan. This time it has been all the more challenging not just for the variety of wind strength but for the difficult shifts in direction which made consistency all the harder to achieve. And perhaps a true reflection of the Clyde’s comprehensive test is that five of the top six women are current or past Laser Radial World Champions.

  • Cork week off to a gentle start, but all that's about to change.

    More fickle and gentle winds waft away any lingering hangovers. Results so far. Winds SW 5~7 today should make things even more challenging.

  • Finland gets 1st in Clipper Race 13, but Australia wins it

    with the last leg still to go. Spirit of Australia has won the Clipper 09-10 Round the World Yacht Race after finishing fourth in Race 13. Simply finishing this penultimate stage of the 14-race series gave them the single point they needed to secure the title. The crew, who have been focussed on victory since the start of the race in September 2009, will take to the stage to lift the crystal trophy when the fleet returns to the port this Saturday 17 July.

  • There's a nice video of the Round the Island Race


  • Fickle and shifty breezes make life difficult at Largs.

    Finland’s defending champion stepped further clear of the chasing pack today when she sailed to a well earned fifth place from another difficult race at the Laser Radial World Championships on the Clyde off Largs. Both Women’s and Men’s current title holders lead their championships. As the women’s fleet entered the Finals phase today there was little in the way of extra cooperation from the fickle and shifty breezes which finally thwarted all attempts to complete the scheduled two races when the easterly expired to nothing. Multala’s fifth gives her a seven points advantage over the young Dutch sailor Marit Bouwmeester who sailed to an eighth today. Local heroes: Charlotte Dobson is struggling down at 36th place overall while Alison Young is having a fair go lying in 12th.

  • A perfect storm in a teacup

    Abby Sunderland's dad sails into trouble this time on NBC. 'I mean, let's look at the Newport-Bermuda race. A boat tipped upside down, lost its keel, we don't hear any of that in the news.' he said. However, there wasn't any capsize during the Newport Bermuda race. . . . It was 1000 miles away and 3 days before the start. Seems the USCG were confused.

  • The Clippers near the penultimate stop

    and Finland are working desperately hard to topple Australia. You can follow the finish to Ijmuiden in The Netherlands. The last leg will be a dash to the Humber.

  • Robin Cole, Watch Officer, Thames Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre, said:

    After a lifeboat rescued a young man trying to swim across the Blackwater estuary, 'We would like to remind the public when visiting the coast to take some simple precautions to make your visit as enjoyable and safe as possible: .... Don’t drink and drown scuba diving - drinking alcohol and going in the sea is dangerous, it slows your reactions, increase chances of hypothermia and your judgment of distance will be impaired · Check the weather and tides before you leave home – then you won’t get swept away.

  • We are still holding back the price increases

    now overdue on inflatables, so take a look now. There's never going to be a better time to buy either a dinghy or one of our fantastic dinghy and outboard packages.

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