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  • MO's On The Tyne - St. Peters Winter Series supports Storrar Marine Chandlery in aid of Movember

    Mo's On The Tyne

    Where else would you see a bearded lady(s), correction attractive young fillies with MO's? Well, there they were, flashing their facial hair, the crew members on Buddy, Colin Davidson's sports boat and Athol’s MR Big. Not only was competition fierce but the competition to win the prizes on offer for the best Mo's was cut throat and that was before they shave them off!

    Anyway, almost two hundred pounds was raised to add to the Storrar MOrine Chandlery team coffers. Grateful thanks to all those who entered into the spirit of the day and those companies that helped by donating prizes, in no particular order: St Peters Marina, Seago, Orca Bay, Gill, Musto and Gul


    • Best MOteam, by a close shave, were the guys on Mr. Big
    • Best MOsportsboat, by a whisker, the team on Wild Reiver
    • Best MOfemale crew, by a hair's breadth, Anne Ainsworth
    • Best MOmale, by a mature mustache, Bob Baird
    • Best MOrib crew, by a natural look, Nick Thwaites
    • Best MOspectator, by a short hair, Lorraine Thwaites
    • Best MOrace Officer, by the real mccoy Tony Ainsworth

    Next weekend the MOSailing MOstorrar mustachioed mystros movement moves to (RMOYC) at Blyth, MOrthumberland where we hope beyond hope that we can raise even more MOsh,

    PS there will be MOre great prizes on offer from the likes of Spinlock, Dubarry, Marathon, Gul and Harken

    If you're interested in our progress heres a link to out Movember Team Page http://uk.movember.com/team/990741


  • Well Done Ben!! - Click Here And Enjoy His Victory...

    CUP-articleLarge If like me you have nothing to do at night apart from make polite conversation, catch up on paper work, walk the dog, read the Sunday papers on a Wednesday etc, you may not have found time to watch last night’s final Americas cup action. This time I did make a special effort and what a final race, mind you my heart was in my mouth when the Yanks stuck their bows in at the first mark, talk about deceleration, methinks a few of the crew would have ended up with brown trousers! Our congrats of course to the guys on Oracle, and comisserations to the New Zealand Team Emirates. Whilst it was hailed by the skipper of Oracle as a ‘team effort, adding Sir Ben Ainsley to the group gave (in my humble opinion) the Yanks a vital kick up the butt. What award will Ben now receive from the government of the USA, the ESPY medal (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award) or maybe just a pat on the back! Like Formula one where the technology filters down and at some stage the driver of a average family saloon benefits, think disc brakes, fuel injection etc and now brake energy regeneration available on at this stage a limited range of cars, the ideas and technology used in the pursuit of trying to win the Americas Cup does eventually filter down to us yachties, double handed winch handles, electronics that give us more information, better performing bottom coatings, cordage with lower stretch, lighter stronger sailcloth.

    If you missed the action or just want to watch it again scroll to the bottom of this blog....

    15/09/2013 - San Francisco (USA,CA) - 34th America's Cup - Final Match, Day 6

  • America's Cup Final 9pm Tonight - Click Here And Enjoy The Ride!

    You have probably read, watched or got thoroughly sick of all the America’s cups happenings to date however today’s final races between the Kiwis and the Yanks should make riveting viewing tonight at 9pm our time. From being 8 - 1 down the Yanks, now they have employed Ben Ainslie as tactician are now level at eight wins each, watch the action below or on the Official America's Cup YouTube Channel by Clicking this link.

  • Swanning Around... Familiar Faces From The Fastnet

    Some of our  customers certainly know how to do it in style, the Fastnet race on a Swan sounds idyllic, however when you are racing double handed it loses some of the glamour methinks! Tim Levett is crewing on the Swan 46 Marinero whose skipper we are lead to believe has participated in 28 consecutive Fastnet races, Keith Ballantine is making his task even harder as its two handed on the Swan 47 Outrageous, with light winds so far it will be a long race with little sleep for the crew. Kit supplied to the pair include Musto MPX clothing, Henri Lloyd Shadow boots and Spinlock Deckvest. Other equipment supplied include a Kannad Safelink R10, McMurdo Fastfind 220, Raymarine Life tag System as well as a pair of those superb Bynolyt binoculars.

    You can follow the progress of the guys and for that matter any other competitor by logging onto http://fastnet.rorc.org/2013-fleet-tracking.html

  • EXPOSED the leader of the pack!‏


    With the overnite race/cruising season now almost upon us, working on deck in the dark you need a reliable, bullet and waterproof torch that you can rely on. The X2 ‘searchlight’ has been endorsed by the Norwegian Sea Rescue Association and is mandatory for the world’s largest overnight race, ' 'The Færder ' which starts on the 7th June 2013 has over 1100 boats taking part. Incidentally, The X2 has been named as 'one of the ten best bits of boating kit 2013' in Motor Boat Monthly. The high power X1 however is proving very popular. Its features include red and white output, S.O.S, strobe and positive buoyancy. As a personal torch the little XS can be worn around the neck with the lanyard supplied, the bright yellow silicon band apart from helping one find it, enables hands free operation if you ‘hold it between your teeth!


  • Pete Goss Paddles LITE Around Tasmania


    Well known for saving a capsized competitor in the 1996 Vendee Globe Race, Pete Goss can't keep away from the Southern Ocean. Last month, Pete and his co-challenger paddled two kayaks around Tasmania via the notorious Bass Strait in an endurance marathon with a difference, setting an innovative sail rig when conditions allowed.

    Pete is a committed Deckvest enthusiast so the pair naturally used their Deckvest LITE lifejackets 24/7 for the entire 1500km trip

  • Pie In The Sky... Or Should That Be On The Water


    Sneaky pic taken in the chandlery yesterday, seems like Alan Botcherby is looking for inspiration or more likely hoping to win when round two of the Brilliant Blyth Boating Bake Off is held. Alan was telling our snapper in the chandlery that because he had 'only cooked curry and rice' and not a pie he had been disqualified from the last race. I reckon as well as carrying a cook book on board (incidentally the One Pan Galley Gourmet is one of the prizes we have put up) he should also have had a copy of the Eric Twiname 20013-16 Rules Book onboard, however not sure what or which rule(s) should apply when cooking is evolved!

  • Dodgems on the Tyne‏...

    Popular these days (for those that enjoy dipping their masthead in the water) are the Crewsaver and Secumar mast floats/anti capsize cushions. For skippers who are not too worried about windage most would consider Crewsaver, you inflate them orally before going afloat, they are available in two sizes 9lt and 40. For those who want to keep windage to a minimum Secumar is the ideal choice, they do a 20lt and 40lt model. Incidentally the larger Secumar float is also popular with some day-boat sailors as a form of emergency buoyancy, you secure them under the side deck, comes in handy if you happen to broach and fill up!

  • The Expert Speaks!


    Following on from by blog of March the 11th 'yesterdays race, who has right of way' I posed the question to our local rules guru & this is his observation.

    At the time the photo is taken 'Join the Club 'white spinnaker, has right of way. Rule 11 - On same tack windward boat keeps clear. However immediately after this photo was taken 'Thunderbirds' pink spinnaker gybed and so became the starboard tack right of way boat. 'Thunderbirds' crossed the bow of 'JtC' during her gybe. There was some delay before the collision whilst both boats broached and became 'pinned down' with their spinnakers in the water and their mainsails flapping. It could be argued that neither boat was capable of being manouvered at this time. Eventually, as she became more upright, Thunderbirds luffed into the leeward side of 'JtC'  and there was a collision between the for'ard starboard side/bottom of 'Thunderbirds' and the Starboard aft gun'all of 'JtC'. I watched it all happen in slow motion - most amusing! Does Rule 23 (Anchored Aground or Capsized) Apply? This rule provides: "If possible, a boat shall avoid a boat that is capsized or has not regained control after capsizing......A boat is capsized when her masthead is in the water" Had either boat capsized? Answer - No because at no time did the masthead of either boat hit the water. (probably about 1 ft short of touching in the case of both boats) Does Rule 24.2 (Interfering with another boat) Apply? This rule says: "Except when sailing her proper course, a boat shall not interfere with a boat sailing on another leg" Answer No - because although the photo gives the impression that 'JtC' was heading in the opposite direction (ie upwind) this had been caused by her recent 'broach' and she was in fact on the run and therefore on the same leg of the course as Thunderbirds'. Does Rule 15 (Acquiring right of way) Apply? This rule says: " When a boat acquires right of way , she shall initially give the other boat room to keep clear." Thunderbirds acquired right of way the moment she completed her gybe onto Starboard tack. There was then a delay whilst both boats were pinned down by their rampant spinnakers. Then the luff and the subsequent collision occured. Did Thunderbirds' give 'JtC' room to keep clear having become starboard tack r.o.w. boat. Answer: Bearing in mind the prevailing conditions and the difficulty both boats had in manouvering almost certainly 'No' despite the time lapse between the end of the gybe and the collision. - but this could turn on the evidence presented at a hearing. Does Rule 16.1 (Changing Course) Apply? This rule says: "When a right of way boat changes course, she shall give the other boat room to keep clear". Did 'Thunderbirds', as starboard tack r.o.w. boat change course and did she give the other boat ('JtC') room to keep clear? Answer; Yes 'Thunderbirds' did change course when she luffed ; and almost certainy 'No' she did not give 'JtC room to keep clear in the prevailing conditions. So, from what I saw I reckon that Thunderbirds should have taken a penalty but Hey they were pretty extreme conditions and frankly it does not surprise me that both helms appeared to take the view that their 'steeds' were in control of them - rather than the other way round! Hence there was no shouting and there appeared to be a measure of 'releif' that there was no hull damage and the rigs didn't become entangled. Nevertheless the fact that 'JtC' was on port did give me some 'milage' to tease Tony Lewis (skipper of Join the Club) after the race - "You really ought to keep clear when you're on Port you know - TutTut!"


  • Yesterdays race! Who has right of way?...


    Andy Burgess, my co director in Storrar Marine had his copy of the new 2013-2016 rules in the patch pocket of his Gill salopettes when this incident occurred yesterday! Look closely at his sportsboat with the 'perfectly filling white spinnaker' and you will see Andy forward of the mast. Despite wearing his incredibly grippy Musto boots he is clinging on for dear life whilst feverishly trying to extract his copy from his salopettes. Why? Because, both boats are on port! In stock at our emporium are a number of Rule books including Paul Elvestrom Explains at £19-99, Rules in Practise by Brian Willis at £16-99, The Rules Book 2013 by Twiname and a couple of RYA books on the subject, for those 'geeks' who would rather have it on the Laptop the RulesMaster Racing at £29-95 is the disc to go for!

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