• Seagull Poo and How You Tackle It!‏

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    The worst thing you can do to canopies, covers etc is not to gently wash off seagull poo, I emphasise gently as I do often see skippers using high pressure water lances to get rid of the c..p! If you do end up with poo on your canvas work, soak the area effected and then gently scrub, however, if you wantto try and stop the blighters from landing in the first place a "Scaregull" is excellent at keeping birds at bay. You can also purchase a variety of alternative mounting options depending on where you want to mount it. A much cheaper device possibly worth considering is the "Humm Line" which we also sell. Should you however end up with your canvas work in a similar state to the first image all is not lost as our trade partner Tip Top Sail Laundry can work their magic or if you wish to DIY we do have an excellent range of fabric cleaner on the shelf, including Yachticon or Starbrites Sail and Canvas Cleaner's. If you do use a cleaner, its worth reproofing after, Fabsil Gold is the one the professionals use however we have had good reports from guys using Renovo.

  • RAIN HELPS SALES (Unusual in our business. . . . .)

    Rain-xBelieve it or not, the poor weather of the last few weeks has helped sell certain items in the chandlery, foul weather gear, waterproof breathable socks, fabric proofers etc. One of the best sellers during the damp days has been  Rain-x rain repellent which has seen a tremendous surge in sales! Rain-x (the invisible windscreen wiper) improves visibility by repelling rain, sleet & spray (thankfully no sleet, but we did have hail the other day) Customers eager to purchase Rain-x who are flocking thru our chandlery door include motor cyclists - brilliant for spray visors, one of the skippers of the pilot launch -  keeps cabin windows that have not been fitted with windscreen wipers clear, commercial crane operators likewise, the list of satisfied users just keeps growing!

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