• 121. Top Tips Tuesday - I Love Teak

    2016-07-08 13.26.51

    On our last boat, the Channel 31, there was very little teak; handrails, washboards and a cockpit kick board. On the Mystery 35 (still not launched) we have a teak toe rail, handrails are the same, in the cockpit area the cockpit coaming/cockpit seats are again in my favourite wood. For pure indulgence we have gone for a laminated teak tiller and for pre dinner G & T's/after dinner coffee and port(s) in the cockpit, a Lagun versatile teak table. The beauty of this table, apart from its looks, is that it is fully adjustable, has no legs to get in the way and it can be folded and packed away! Maybe the next boat (highly unlikely according to Jenny) will have teak decks. I like to see the golden brown of 'new teak' yet one of our good customers who has a Najad 373 swears by the silver grey look! If you are of the latter persuasion, very little maintenance is required.

    If you're sailing in a hot climate or on a very sunny day it is recommended that you wash the deck down in the morning with water, preferably seawater, before it gets too hot, then repeat again in the late afternoon. In the autumn when the boat is being laid up, the use of Wet & Forget will keep the green look away (great also for glassfibre and canvas work). If the rubber caulking is starting to protrude above the planking, sand flat but only along and not across the seam. If you don't keep an eye on any that is proud there is a danger that you or a crew member's foot can roll it out of the seam!

    If you like the look of slightly weathered teak our boatyard guy uses Teak Wonder Cleaner if the skipper wants to refresh the wood. It's easy to apply and use, no hard scrubbing, just brush onto a wet deck until clean and then wash off. If a lighter new look is required, Teak Wonder Brightener is then applied, once again to a wet deck. The teak will lighten almost instantaneously. To keep the teak looking like new, once the deck is bone dry an application of Teak Wonder Dressing and Sealer is the answer. Me I have used with great success the Onward Trading Companies Teak Cleaner & Renovator both on boats and on our garden furniture.

    P1060141-250x187     P1060142-250x187

    To get into those awkward places, the Shurhold Detailing brush, which has of course stainless bristles, is an excellent bit of kit to carry on board. Shurhold ultra fine bronze woolis also a great product for use on teak and other marine wood, and can be used for polishing metal. Excellent for bringing back the shine to your stainless cooker hob, glass and can even be used to clean solar panels.


  • 82. Top Tips Tuesday - Spaghetti Junction - Shore Power Splitters & Shurhold Dual Action Polisher


    Sheltering from the afternoon sun at Spartakhori (Port Spiglia) in the Ionian, it's hard to imagine that in a couple of days it will be back to the grind in the UK. No doubt some skippers will be making plans to lift out, some may have already done so, others will no doubt leave till later in the hope that the autumn weather will give some quality time on the water. Seeing the way that power is distributed to the boats on the Greek quayside reminded me that it's worth investing in a 'splitter' should you wish to have 240 power for onboard and ground level consumption too.

    Splitter     3pin mains

    Before you finally lay up your boat for the close season you should of course give her a thorough wash down then rinse with fresh water and at the very least polish the top sides to help protect and maintain the shine, it also makes it easier to clean down next spring. To ease your task Shurhold's dual action polisher isn’t the cheapest but it has a unique random action orbit for a professional shine and leaves no swirls or burn marks. For safety's sake it has a built in RCD trip should you happen to be a little careless!

    Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 10.46.08
  • 24. Top Tips Tuesday - Shurhold Magic Wool Pads

    Shurhold Magic Wool Hand Pads

    In one's haste to clear the desk before our delivery trip from Newcastle to Heligoland and then on through the Kiel canal to the Baltic, I forgot to mention in my last 'Top Tips Blog' that I often use Shurhold Magic Wool bronze hand pads after a session with the Shurhold Stainless Steel Detailing Brush. The bronze wool pads are great for use on teak and brightwork, polishing chrome, stainless, copper and brass surfaces. If you have solar panelling fitted, you'll be pleased to hear you can use the 'Magic Wool' on those too as well as other glass surfaces as they are ultra fine and rust resistant.

  • 23. Top Tips Tuesday - Shurhold Detailing Brush - The Shurhold Detailing Brush, perfect for cleaning those hard to reach areas . . .


    After        P1060141

    My new build which is taking three more years that I had thought to complete is called Hindsight, nuff said! Sadly the exterior of Hindsight does get gets a little bit neglected during our busy season so by the time the spring and early summer rush dies down she does need more than a little bit of TLC to bring her back up to scratch. Cleaning the deck is relatively easy, I use Starbrite Non Slip Deck Cleaner and that gets most of the dirt off, however it's those hard to get to areas where the Shurhold Detailing Brush comes into its own. It's of medium stiffness, it quickly removes grease and grime and is ideal for trim, mouldings, teak and much more.


    Shurhold Detailing Brush
  • Never rains but it pours

    Well it never rains but it pours, certainly yesterday afternoon proved that one! There we were busying ourselves in the chandlery when the sky outside went dark & cars were passing with lights on. Tremendous flash outside, followed immediately by the thunder (wonder if that was the bolt of lightning that struck the iconic Tyne bridge) then the rains came. Last time we had rain like that the workshop flooded & loads of clothing stock was ruined, fortunately our flood defences held & with the sterling help of our staff using Shurhold deck brushes no water entered the building, sadly the hairdresser, dog grooming parlour & other businesses on our corner were not so fortunate. As can be seen from the images the A 1058 which is the main road outside our premises was flooded, director Andy Burgess walked home (pinched a pr of Sealskinz socks from the stock) so his feet were dry & grabbed at the same time a Musto Sou'wester to keep what's left of his hair dry! He did think of taking a Spinlock lifejacket from stock just in case but thought better off it. The other Andy (he who runs our internet site) chose to drive home & what should have been seven minutes mins 'down the road' ended up as four hours! He is off on holiday to Amsterdam tomorrow so had fortunately taken the pilot guide of the 'Inland Waterways of the Netherlands'. Excellent reading when you are stuck in a car!

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