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  • 159. Top Tips Tuesday - If All Goes To Plan - Electronic Nautical Charts and Updates


    If all goes to plan (never seems to in the Storrar household) we load the Mystery onto a low loader and truck her down to Port St Louis near Marseille and then sail her round to Corfu in mid May. If it had all been plain sailing from the time we purchased the hull and deck, Hindsight would have been in the water completed by  the spring of 2015. We would have then taken our time and sailed her down the East Coast through the Channel, across the Bay of Biscay and into the Med, however it was not to be. Why? Difficulty selling our last boat, family ill health etc etc! However feeling slightly optimistic this weekend, not sure why cos Jenny’s wrist which she broke some two weeks ago is not looking good and on top of that her car still has not passed it's MOT test, not that she could drive it in her present state, I sat onboard and ‘played’ with my Raymarine plotter after inserting the Navionics Platinum+ electronic chart 33P+. Maybe my ‘sunny’ mood was due to the fact that there is a special offer on them at present and Andy (now my boss and me a part time worker) suggested delaying my purchase till last week! Platinum+ gives you all the bells and whistles:

     *   3 Dimensional Views  *   Satellite overlays  *   Dock to Dock Autorouting  *   Plus of course HD Sonar, freshest data and community edits.

    Until the end of May we have a special offer on Navionics Platinum+ XL3 charts now at only £219.95 (RRP £299.95)

    If you are not starting from afresh why not take advantage of the fact that Garmin have just released their Bluechart update for the 2017 season, likewise C-Map, so if you want to be bang up to date send it back post haste (make sure you send it signed for) and we will upgrade it by return! If you're currently using Navionics, update your electronic chart at a discounted price against a new one and benefit from free updates for the next 12 months. Simply order an update card and you can do the update yourself online.

  • 155. Top Tips Tuesday - Gin O'Clock - Lagun Yacht Cockpit Tables

    Push Pit/Gin Seat

    Its not quite the end of the long build road, but when Jenny asked me the other day how was I getting on with certain 'essentials' on the Mystery, like the two pushpit gin seats and the cockpit nibbles table I thought that seeing as it's a nice sunny weekend it would be nice to get the seats treated  before fitting them (saves having to clear up spills from the fibreglass). The Teak Wonder range of products are my favourites. For the pushpit seats, as the wood was fresh from the workshop, I used Teak Wonder Dressing & Sealer to maintain the golden colour before installing them on the pushpit, a second coat can be applied when dry usually after one hour and with the conditions on Saturday this is what I did.  To bring the cockpit seats and coaming up to scratch its going to be a case of applying Teak Wonder Cleaner, maybe Teak Wonder Brightner if the teak doesn't lighten enough and then the dressing and sealer.

    Lagun Teak Table Top

    As for a removable cockpit table some twelve years ago when fitting out our Channel 31 we made up a cockpit table that straddled the centre main track, worked well but often got in the way. For the Mystery we went for one of the excellent Lagun yacht tables, the table can be height adjusted, turned, spun around, folded and packed away and with no legs of its own, there is plenty of room to play footsie with the person opposite! The table can be bought in teak effect (Rimini) or white melamine, however please note the teak veneer option as per my images has now been discontinued. Its simple to install and comes with fasteners, backing plate and plastic wedges (see image below) for non vertical surfaces! Deploying the frame is easy as it slides into the mounting bracket, stowing it away after use is just as easy.

    Lagun wedge adjustment and leg (stowed position)

    Please note that with every complete unit we are giving away a stowage bag worth £45.00, deal or no deal?

    Lagun Table Stowage Bag Made Buy Storrar Marine Chandlery

  • 134 & 135 Top Tips Tuesday - Laying Up For Winter 2016

    It's that time of year again when we pull together our joint experience and expertise to offer you 'Top Tips' and 'Essentials' for laying your boat up for the winter. Below are the links to this years series of articles and offers.

  • 80. Top Tips Tuesday - A Faithful Friend At Less Than Half The Price

    Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 10.51.57

    February the 14th 2014 I blogged about my amazing long suffering Musto Gortex mid layer jacket and salopettes that had given me awesome sterling service over a great number of years. Well the bad news is that they are changing the lining and apparently, according to my business partner Andy, improving on perfection! The good news is that we have managed to secure a quantity of the 'old style' salopettes and are selling them off at 1/2 their recommended retail price, now only £149.95! As can be seen from the image below, Andy wears them with confidence knowing that they will keep him warm and dry and should the weather turn nasty, heaven forbid that happening in the North East, they are perfect under foulies. As for me if its climbing a mast in the glorious North East weather, walking the dog on Tynemouth beach or wearing them continuously for three nights whilst being chased by hurricane Bertha across the North Sea last year they have never let me down! The originals were red, they went to grey many years ago, maybe it's time both Andy and I went from a faded pink to grey!



  • 78. Top Tips Tuesday - Cruising... "The Wild Atlantic Way"


    It may be a little late for some skippers and crew who have already started, or perhaps finished, this years Irish cruise however "Cruising the Wild Atlantic Way" will inspire water sports enthusiasts and landlubbers alike to appreciate the challenges and the rewards of cruising along the rugged and unspoiled west coast of Ireland, this excellent newly published book is written by Daria & Alex Blackwell (authors of the superb book 'Happy Hooking The Art of Anchoring')

    Ireland's untamed West Coast, dotted with islands, is one of the most challenging and daunting coastlines to sail; find out what it takes to cruise the Wild Atlantic Way. Learn the secrets of how to prepare, where to stop, and how to thoroughly enjoy this unique cruising ground. Norman Kean, Author Of Cruising Ireland and Irish Cruising Club Sailing Direction writes "It's a charming book, and it conveys a sense of the joy of discovery"

    Authors Daria and Alex Blackwell are lifelong sailors. They sail a Bowman 57 cutter rigged ketch, have crossed the Atlantic three times to date; visited many countries along the way. They have sailed up and down the West  coast of Ireland from Cork to Donegal, and consistently cruise along the west coast islands. The Wild Atlantic Way can be purchased for £27.95 Happy Hooking The Art of Anchoring is in my opinion the definitive book on how to anchor £15.95, or purchase both books at a special price of £39.95! Offer ends September 30th 2015!

  • 13. Top Tips Tuesday - Removing Sikaflex - From Impossible To Easy Peasy With Marine Formula By Debond


    Having fitted out, repaired and renovated more than my fair share of boats in the last forty odd years, it's not often that one comes across a product that makes life so much easier! The other month we were involved in the complete renewal of all the standing rigging on a twelve year old American built Island Packet. The yacht was in excellent condition for its age with the exception of the alloy mast collar which had, over the years, corroded badly. Once the keel stepped mast had been lifted out I rang the importers to ask if they knew what sealant/adhesive had been used to attach the collar to the deck, only to be told, "If you have removed the six screws and it doesn't budge don't bother cos you will never get it off!" At this stage I thought lets try Marine Formula by the Debond Corp. Ten minutes later the collar was off and on its way to the powder coater for refurbishment. Apart from the ease of removal there was no damage to the gelcoat/laminate. Since then I have used it on a seacock which had been bonded in with Sikaflex, once again a nightmare of a job made easy with Marine Formula.

  • 17. Top Tips Tuesdays - The 10 ways to prevent a man overboard

    The 10 ways to prevent a man overboard... as recommended by Spinlock 


    ‘In no circumstances are you better off in the water than out of it.....’ Essentials of Sea Survival, Golden & Tipton

    Tighten lifelines and jacklines - these lines are essential for containing a fall safely. Keep then taut, replace any damaged or corroded terminations; specify low stretch flat jacklines and remove then at the end of each season

    Provide Secure Strong Points and Handholds - Vital at work stations, and for moving and clipping inboard of the jackline and especially on bigger, wider decks.

    Keep a good foothold - Wear footwear that grips well on a heeled deck when wet. Fit non-skid deck patches where necessary.

    Wear your own combined harness and lifejacket - Wearing a lifejacket on its own will never keep you out of the water - only a clipped-on harness will.

    Keep it securely fitted - If your lifejacket harness is unfastened or flapping around you waist it can't be a reliable harness or a reliable lifejacket

    Wear a light, compact safety line with an overload indicator - As clips can't always be released under load, carry a dedicated line cutter in case you need to disconnect fast.

    Always Clip On - when sailing short handed, at night, in poor visibility or in heavy weather. Novices, Children and the less able should clip on in all weathers.

    Do It!  - out of consideration for the skipper, fellow crew and those who might have to come and rescue you.

    Look after your kit - Webbing fibers degrade in strong sun, in damp salt conditions and especially from abrasion. Destroy any safety line showing wear or contamination or after any heavy fall. Store all lifejackets, harnesses and safety lines in a dry place

    Trust your own kit - When you look after you own lifejacket harness and safety line you can trust them more than anything borrowed.

    NOTE: This advice reflects the present consensus of the Spinlock special projects team and expert opinion gathered from friends at the highest level of international sailing and sea safety 

  • Going down a storm!

    With this very windy weather that we have been getting at the start of the season, one thing that it has been doing is stimulating is the sale of Storm Bags!

    Most modern yachts are fitted with furling headsails and have no satisfactory method of deploying a storm sail when the s..t hits the fan! Furthermore, once you have half a dozen wraps of the headsail round the foil your progress to windward is almost not existent. The solution?

    1) Spend a fortune on getting the deck strengthened, mast modified, inner forestay and lever made up, then purchase a hanked storm sail and a fearless crew member to go forward and spend a considerable amount of time wresting to hank it on and attach the sheets!

    2) Purchase one of these hanked/wrap round around sleeve storm sails (which are a nightmare to attach on a bucking foredeck never mind hoist)

    3) Or purchase a Storm Bag which comes complete in a self contained bag, sheets already attached. Very safe, five minutes on the foredeck max from leaving the security of the cockpit, as for performance to windward, superb! There is a short demonstration video at the bottom of this page for those who are curious....

    Storm Bag


  • Easter Opening Hours and Offers


    Yes, it’s almost Easter and with this weather it’s hard to believe, however, for those hardy folks that are boatyard bound for your convenience we are open on:

    Good Friday 10am -4pm,

    Saturday 8:30am  5pm,

    Sunday we are closed (our day of rest)

    Easter Monday 10am -  4pm again.

    As well as giving away Easter Eggs (whilst stocks last) we have some 'cracking' deals including a great Musto offer, buy a jacket and get 30% off a top*. We have Henri Lloyd drysuits reduced by over £150-00. There is 25% of Harken Radial winches and 20% Profurl Cruising furlers. And! if that wasn't enough from Yamaha (don’t miss this superb offer) ... Purchase a new Yamaha outboard 2.5hp - 25hp at our already discounted price and get, direct from Yamaha 10% cash back

    NB the offer is not based  on our discounted price but on their retail price so buy a 25hp engine and you will get £563-00 back direct from Yamaha.

    Here’s hoping for a break in the weather and  a productive Easter,

    Andy, Rob and all the team

    *terms and conditions apply

  • Easter Recommendations From A Salty Old Dog And Egg-cellent Offers To Match...

    Click Here or on the Image to see our Easter offers...


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