• 23. Top Tips Tuesday - Shurhold Detailing Brush - The Shurhold Detailing Brush, perfect for cleaning those hard to reach areas . . .


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    My new build which is taking three more years that I had thought to complete is called Hindsight, nuff said! Sadly the exterior of Hindsight does get gets a little bit neglected during our busy season so by the time the spring and early summer rush dies down she does need more than a little bit of TLC to bring her back up to scratch. Cleaning the deck is relatively easy, I use Starbrite Non Slip Deck Cleaner and that gets most of the dirt off, however it's those hard to get to areas where the Shurhold Detailing Brush comes into its own. It's of medium stiffness, it quickly removes grease and grime and is ideal for trim, mouldings, teak and much more.


    Shurhold Detailing Brush
  • Laying Up - How NOT To Do It?

    There I was last week, on my summer holiday in Greece, allegedly sailing round the Greek Isles (I think the only reason I was invited out was to help with the winter layup of Peter and Anita's Oyster on the last two days).  Alongside us in the Cleopatra boatyard, Prevesa, was a very nice Dutch couple who were putting the final touch's to their end of season preparations. Did happen to notice after the couple had gone that they had first of all wrapped the Harken winches in cling film, yes it will keep airborne dirt out, however it will of course trap moisture in! Noticed also they had done a great job of protecting the teak cockpit table (but not the teak in the cockpit) once again in a waterproof but not breathable material, recipe for mildew methinks? Halyards lying on deck, our advice... remove completely from the mast, wash in fresh water, dry and store below. Fenders wash and store below. Methinks it would be sensible of the couple to get the local sail maker in Prevesa to make up a breathable square sheet, reinforced edges and strong eyelets, manufactured in something like Weathermax, it's tough, very breathable, colour fast and will (once boat brought out of hibernation) fold up into a small space! However make sure you use something like the spinnaker pole to create a ridge pole effect over the cockpit to prevent it filling up with water! For next spring when they do their annual fit out, Meguiar's rubbing compound followed by their Flagship Premium will not only keep the gelcoat sparkling but will help prevent the blue stripe from chalking badly! For all the teak work, Teak Wonder ticks the box as far as I am concerned and if they happen to find some mildew on the boat when they return it in the spring, Starbrite Mildew Remover should do the trick!

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  • Incy Wincy Spider

    Young Robert, as opposed to the ancient one (me), was yesterday working on a rather neglected Fast Fisher at the local marina. He was using Meguiars colour restorer followed by their Premium Marine Wax to great effect. He told me that by the time he had finished she was looking as good as new. He did mention to me that in the corner of the ‘eaves’ of the cabin roof, before he cleaned and polished, there was one of the biggest spider infestations he had ever seen! When the owner popped in today to pay his bill today I suggested that he purchase a bottle of Starbrite’s Spider Away which is safe to use on all surfaces including plastic, fibreglass, metal, vinyl, wood, glass and painted surfaces! Or the Yachticon Anti Spider Spray like Spider Away its made from natural products and can be used on most surfaces.

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  • Useful tips from the Gaffer out in the Canaries...

    Having moved our Channel 31 from Gomera to Tenerife two months ago with a view to selling her and then hearing nothing at all from the broker we made an executive decision to fly out and find out what was happening! Call it a 'working holiday' however not sure if business partner Andy would agree, got there and the first thing that Jenny and I noticed was that the stainless steel had lost its shine very quickly, due we are told by the contamination from the Sahara sand which is at certain times deposited on the island.

    On board were a couple of products that I thought would bring back the sparkle, Starbrite Rust Stain Remover which according to the label says will work on metal as well as fibreglass and painted surfaces and Universal Stone which will (apparently) polish almost any material. As can be seen from the first image the metal work is badly contaminated, my cunning plan? pit one against the other. Starbrite was used on the port side of the pulpit, instructions say spray on leave a couple of mins and wash off with fresh water deeper stains may need a second application including rubbing with a brush or cloth. Universal Stone was used on the starboard side of the pulpit, instruction say, apply using the sponge provided, rub then either wash of with fresh water or polish with a damp cloth. My conclusion...Both did what they said they would, having said that Universal would be my choice if all the surface were Not complex, like say a stainless snap shackle why? Only cos it can be used for other uses around the boat, like polishing the mast or GRP.

  • 8.Top Tips Tuesdays - Keep Those Bilges Clean

    We received an e mail  ‘circular’ from our local marina the other day reminding guys of the importance of keeping their  bilges clean, especially if you have an automatic bilge pump that is active! If you do have a slight weep from your engine what’s worth doing (apart from investigating the cause and trying to  rectify it) is to invest in something like the Starbrite Bilge Oil Absorber, place in the bilge and it will absorb up to  2 quarts (American product so , 1.89 litres to be precise!) of a petroleum product i.e. diesel. It  means that you can pump oil free water overboard without incurring the wrath of fellow boaters, or worse, the marina operator.

    For keeping your Bilges in tip top condition I personally use and reccomend Bilgex, does what it say’s on the label and it keeps your boat smelling nice.



  • Seagull Poo and How You Tackle It!‏

    P1040638    Cleaned Cover Clean


    The worst thing you can do to canopies, covers etc is not to gently wash off seagull poo, I emphasise gently as I do often see skippers using high pressure water lances to get rid of the c..p! If you do end up with poo on your canvas work, soak the area effected and then gently scrub, however, if you wantto try and stop the blighters from landing in the first place a "Scaregull" is excellent at keeping birds at bay. You can also purchase a variety of alternative mounting options depending on where you want to mount it. A much cheaper device possibly worth considering is the "Humm Line" which we also sell. Should you however end up with your canvas work in a similar state to the first image all is not lost as our trade partner Tip Top Sail Laundry can work their magic or if you wish to DIY we do have an excellent range of fabric cleaner on the shelf, including Yachticon or Starbrites Sail and Canvas Cleaner's. If you do use a cleaner, its worth reproofing after, Fabsil Gold is the one the professionals use however we have had good reports from guys using Renovo.

  • Now you See It, Now You Don't...

    I keep banging on about removing the sails and canvas work etc from your boat (unless they are protecting bright work) over the winter months, if however you leave it a bit late and you get some green 'growth' appearing there are some great products on the market from reputable companies like Starbrite or Yachticom which will do the trick if you are into DIY. When it comes to halyards and sheets our trade partner Tip Top Sail Laundry (whom if you are not DIY inclined) do an excellent job of washing and proofing canopies and the washing of sails, Tip Top will also wash halyards and sheets at a very reasonable rate and as can be seen from the image do an excellent job with no loss of strength to the rope.

  • Bleedin 'ell!

    Whatever you do, don't stuff wet or damp sails, especially coloured spinnakers, into a sail bag or as a customer of ours did into a coloured holdall, you may live to regret it! This customer of ours did this and brought two wet sails across for remedial work, we noticed that the bags were 'leaking' on the sail-loft floor and the liquid was pink! As can be seen from the image the colour has bled and it will be very difficult to remove. We can and do send customers sails away each year to Tip Top Sail Laundry. If you wish to 'DIY' we sell a variety of products online and thru our retail chandlery which include Yachticon and Starbrite sail cleaner. Store your sails damp and you will also run the risk of mildew, to treat this use either Starbrite or Yachticon mildew cleaner. With all cleaning products always read the instructions and if in doubt ask!

  • It's a gas...

    No wind today so back to boat chores, had been meaning to clean out the gas locker for over a year but once I get into holiday mood! Anyway, today its cloudy and not too hot, only 23 degrees, so up came locker lid and out came the gas bottle. First thing I noticed that the Alde gas leak detector needed a top up and of course there were the rust stains on the GRP moulding where the bottle sits. Fortunately we had on board some Starbrite rust stain remover which did the trick (still need to do a little more work on one particularly stubborn stain) As for refilling the gas detector, am sure I have a sachet on the boat, just a matter of finding it! failing that we do have a Omnitron portable gas detector which I can use on Christmas day to check for leaks as Jenny is determined that we have a meal on board, roast chicken, fried potatoes, green beans and a few glasses of wine!

  • Sacrificial Strip!

    No it's not an offering to the Gods but the protective sailcloth strip down the leech of a genoa that protects the body of the sail from sun damage. When we receive a sail in our loft for a 'UV strip change' we always recommended that the sail is washed before the new strip is fitted. If you're into DIY you can remove the strip yourself. It can save up to £80-00, depending on the size of the sail (full instructions given, tools supplied) and wash yourself. For washing sails and canvas work we can offer Yachticon Sail and Canvas Cleaner or Fabsil Universal Cleaner, to remove mildew Starbrite Mildew Stain Remover.

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