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  • 26. Top Tips Tuesday - Wet & Forget


    With the change in weather over the last week, it seemed appropriate that I should bring up the subject of the appearance of green mould on decks (both teak and GRP) and on spray hoods, canopies etc. Usually not a problem to the side of the boat that is ‘blessed’ with sunlight, however the opposite side that does not get its fair share that’s another matter as it’s surprising how quickly it can appear.

    I was introduced to Wet & Forget by Trevor the boss man at Tip Top Sail Laundry early this year, they had been asked to treat an extremely large sail only 1200 sq mtrs property of Mirabella V. Always on the lookout for something that does what it says and out of curiosity because it does not require any elbow grease I obtained a small quantity and in early March of this year sprayed Wet & Forget on a area of a wood fence/brick wall at the side of our house that rarely sees the sun, six days all the ‘green’ had almost disappeared! My next test was conducted on a road sign which looked as though it hadn’t been cleaned for ten years, three weeks later a marked improvement! Since then we have used it on a couple of boats in the local marina, with excellent results, shame the camera with those images fell overboard, but that’s another story! The beauty of Wet & Forget is that you DON’T need to use any elbow grease nor an aggressive high pressure hose which can cause tremendous damage to wooden decks and fabrics.

    P1050604 P1050699
  • Flying off the shelves? 'Wet and Forget' will be soon!

    As usual we lead and the crowd follows, this is another excellent product that will be in stock before the end of this month (in time for ‘working off the turkey’ if you’re so inclined) 'Wet and Forget'. As a sail maker I first came across this product when our trade partners 'Tip Top Sail Laundry' (the guys who do such a good job of washing all our sails and covers) were asked by the owners representative of Mirabella V if they would coat the mainsail after washing it, incidentally its 1200 sq m! It is also great product for keeping your winter cover, sprayhood or stack pack free from mould and mildew. Works well in keeping your teak decks clear from  green slime, lichen and mould and works just as well on other surfaces such as glassfibre, metal and paintwork. Around the house and at the work place you can use it for the safe removal of moss from roofs, pathways etc etc. 'Wet and Forget' will not damage the surface as you do not have to use a pressure washer nor scrubbing brush. Apparently it’s has been used with great success to clean the Sydney Opera House and because its so safe and effective its used in sensitive location like Sea World.

  • 5.Outwards & Upwards - Suspicious stains on your headsail...


    Harping on as I always do about casting your eyes around the boat we had a customer in the other day complaining about some stains on his genoa, after he describing them (see piccy) I said to him, ‘sounds like you have a joint problem’ In other words the connectors between each of your headsail roller reefing foils are starting to work loose.  The end result can be bolt rope damage when you hoist your sail at the start of the season followed by unsightly staining on the sail as the alloy ends grind away, followed by chafe on the sail leading to holes that will need repairing (second piccy), or failure of the foil, on a windy day an inability maybe of being unable to furl the genoa, which could be potentially life threatening.  If you can get replacement joints obviously that’s the solution however if it’s an old system disassembling a headsail roller reefing can be a nightmare thru stainless/alloy ‘welding themselves together’

    Plastimo do a budget range of systems, however my favourites at the lower end is either the new Harken ESP or the Profurl system, both are superbly engineered and easy to assemble.  For assembling units containing dissimilar metals ie stainless/alloy use Tef Gel or Duralac and for your sail washing and proofing requirements, Tip Top via our sail loft.

  • Seagull Poo and How You Tackle It!‏

    P1040638    Cleaned Cover Clean


    The worst thing you can do to canopies, covers etc is not to gently wash off seagull poo, I emphasise gently as I do often see skippers using high pressure water lances to get rid of the c..p! If you do end up with poo on your canvas work, soak the area effected and then gently scrub, however, if you wantto try and stop the blighters from landing in the first place a "Scaregull" is excellent at keeping birds at bay. You can also purchase a variety of alternative mounting options depending on where you want to mount it. A much cheaper device possibly worth considering is the "Humm Line" which we also sell. Should you however end up with your canvas work in a similar state to the first image all is not lost as our trade partner Tip Top Sail Laundry can work their magic or if you wish to DIY we do have an excellent range of fabric cleaner on the shelf, including Yachticon or Starbrites Sail and Canvas Cleaner's. If you do use a cleaner, its worth reproofing after, Fabsil Gold is the one the professionals use however we have had good reports from guys using Renovo.

  • Now you See It, Now You Don't...

    I keep banging on about removing the sails and canvas work etc from your boat (unless they are protecting bright work) over the winter months, if however you leave it a bit late and you get some green 'growth' appearing there are some great products on the market from reputable companies like Starbrite or Yachticom which will do the trick if you are into DIY. When it comes to halyards and sheets our trade partner Tip Top Sail Laundry (whom if you are not DIY inclined) do an excellent job of washing and proofing canopies and the washing of sails, Tip Top will also wash halyards and sheets at a very reasonable rate and as can be seen from the image do an excellent job with no loss of strength to the rope.

  • Bleedin 'ell!

    Whatever you do, don't stuff wet or damp sails, especially coloured spinnakers, into a sail bag or as a customer of ours did into a coloured holdall, you may live to regret it! This customer of ours did this and brought two wet sails across for remedial work, we noticed that the bags were 'leaking' on the sail-loft floor and the liquid was pink! As can be seen from the image the colour has bled and it will be very difficult to remove. We can and do send customers sails away each year to Tip Top Sail Laundry. If you wish to 'DIY' we sell a variety of products online and thru our retail chandlery which include Yachticon and Starbrite sail cleaner. Store your sails damp and you will also run the risk of mildew, to treat this use either Starbrite or Yachticon mildew cleaner. With all cleaning products always read the instructions and if in doubt ask!

  • Recession Over?

    Not quite, however,  our 'instore' sail-loft has, this Autumn, dispatched to Tip Top Sail Laundry Portsmouth already twice as many sails and canvas work as we did by the end of December 2011! Interesting to note that talking to Trevor, the MD of the sail laundry company, he was advising that he is also again working flat out.  To avoid 'missing the boat' so to speak, please please please can we have your sails, canopies, sprayhood etc in our loft for laundry (if required),  checking over and repair ASAP! To work out the cost of the laundry service we need to know the weight of the sail or the item of 'canvas work' or we can weigh once on our premises and advise.

  • Sacrificial Strip!

    No it's not an offering to the Gods but the protective sailcloth strip down the leech of a genoa that protects the body of the sail from sun damage. When we receive a sail in our loft for a 'UV strip change' we always recommended that the sail is washed before the new strip is fitted. If you're into DIY you can remove the strip yourself. It can save up to £80-00, depending on the size of the sail (full instructions given, tools supplied) and wash yourself. For washing sails and canvas work we can offer Yachticon Sail and Canvas Cleaner or Fabsil Universal Cleaner, to remove mildew Starbrite Mildew Stain Remover.

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