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  • 176. Top Tips Tuesday - When Waiting For Weather


    Yesterday, sheltering below deck on board Hindsight in Mandraki harbour, which is just under Corfu town fort, and listening to the rain beating down with a 'little' lightning and obviously thunder got me thinking, has the weather broken yet in the UK, has Autumn arrived? Youngest daughter then WhatsApp'ed Jenny and I, saying there was no sign of her baby coming yet and then started complaining about the poor weather back in the UK. Next minute boss man Andy texted, weather is c..p here; no doubt you are enjoying fabulous sunshine and how about letting me have next week's blog on time for once so I can correct all your spelling, grammar and punctuation as I am short staffed on Monday/Tues! Having spent Sunday morning slowly working through the list of to do items (only thirty three still to do) and failing miserably it got me thinking about what has been our four most popular autumn Tuesday Top Tips over the last few years?


    Number one without a doubt has been Wet & Forget, this superb product was first featured on my blog 'Flying off the Shelves' in December 2013. Spray your decks, canvas work or anything that turns green through lack of sunshine in the autumn or winter with a diluted solution of Wet & Forget and it won't! PS. It doesn't need any hard work; you wet the surface you want to protect and that's it.

    be2c1652-55fc-46ec-b1ec-1f2082dc05b5Second on my list is Freezeban. See My Top Tips Tuesday blog 'Lay Up For Winter' in which I advised that this non toxic antifreeze is an excellent safe product for protecting water pressure systems and calorifiers. Regular repeat orders would certainly confirm this, however beware last year our supplier 'ran dry' so don't leave it too late.

    As for my third TTT that was my blog on 'Winterising Your Marine Engine'. Don't forget that even though it's considered standard practice to fill your fuel tanks up to the brim help prevent condensation and of course the possibility of contracting the dreaded diesel bug, (especially  now they add a small measure of Biofuel to the diesel) Marine 16 is the perfect product to help keep your fuel healthy 365 days of the year and your filters clear.

    Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 20.57.47

    Tested out on my backside when we sailed Hindsight down from Marseille to Corfu, was an excellent product called Tear Aid which we import from Holland. The week before the delivery  trip I managed to tear the backside on my 'past their sell by date' mid-layer salopettes. Our supplier had none in stock surprise surprise when I ordered them so it was make do and mend. Over a thousand miles later my backside was still dry, the patches showing no sign of letting go so I have cancelled the order and will carry on with old faithful. Tear Aid which I blogged about in blog 'Wonder product' in August 2016, does what it says it will do. It repairs all sorts of hard to stick to materials, it's brilliant on acrylic canvas, so if you are leaving your canvas work on this winter to protect your bright work and it's looking a little thin on say a stress point, Tear Aid is more than up to it! Abrasion or a tear on foullies, it's brilliant. Cracked window on a spray hood or canopy a repair using Tear Aid will outlast the item!


  • 150. Top Tips Tuesday - Wet & Forget mould, lichen & algae remover works superbly!

    Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 08.58.11Yes I know I have ‘gone on and on’ about Wet & Forget on a number of occasions; it’s that brilliant with no effort required in removing/keeping decks, canvas work, ropes etc., free of the green mould that appears when there is a lack of sunlight. I was asked the other day to look at a leaking hatch on a Colvic motor sailor which was moored astern of Hindsight. I think I have this customer's leaking hatch issue sorted, a simple replacement inner seal for the Houdini as against making up an acrylic cover, that is assuming it’s not the seal between the deck and hatch that's the issue. Ten minutes before clambering onboard his boat I had been spraying a diluted solution of Wet & Forget on Hindsight as the starboard side deck and teak capping of the Mystery (doesn’t catch any sun) was starting to show ‘shades’ of green after the last few weeks of poor weather. As I had some left I also sprayed the finger pontoon and then a flash of inspiration, which makes a refreshing change for me! Why not use the remaining diluted solution as another demo with some more images, before and after? So without asking his permission which was, I know, a bit naughty, I sprayed the last of the liquid on the starboard deck on Friday the 3rd of February, on Saturday and Sunday the weather was so awful that instead of freezing my butt off on Hindsight I treated myself to a wood fire, a glass of wine and three rugby matches. The next time I was down at the marina was a week later Friday the 10th, just out of curiosity I took a quick look at the Colvic to see if the Wet & Forget had started working and it had BIG STYLE!


    Once treated with Wet & Forget the surface needs no waterblasting, scrubbing or rinsing. The surfactants work on contamination in conjunction with the elements (wind and rain) to slowly but gently wash the contamination away from the treated surface. No doubt the horrendous weather we had on the East Coast that weekend did speed the process up but it is impressive, lets hope the owner likes the unauthorised demo! Don’t forget Wet & Forget can be used at home or work on timber decking or fences, block paving etc so the purchase of a 5 litre container (dilutes to 25 litres) does not have to come out of the boat budget.

  • 121. Top Tips Tuesday - I Love Teak

    2016-07-08 13.26.51

    On our last boat, the Channel 31, there was very little teak; handrails, washboards and a cockpit kick board. On the Mystery 35 (still not launched) we have a teak toe rail, handrails are the same, in the cockpit area the cockpit coaming/cockpit seats are again in my favourite wood. For pure indulgence we have gone for a laminated teak tiller and for pre dinner G & T's/after dinner coffee and port(s) in the cockpit, a Lagun versatile teak table. The beauty of this table, apart from its looks, is that it is fully adjustable, has no legs to get in the way and it can be folded and packed away! Maybe the next boat (highly unlikely according to Jenny) will have teak decks. I like to see the golden brown of 'new teak' yet one of our good customers who has a Najad 373 swears by the silver grey look! If you are of the latter persuasion, very little maintenance is required.

    If you're sailing in a hot climate or on a very sunny day it is recommended that you wash the deck down in the morning with water, preferably seawater, before it gets too hot, then repeat again in the late afternoon. In the autumn when the boat is being laid up, the use of Wet & Forget will keep the green look away (great also for glassfibre and canvas work). If the rubber caulking is starting to protrude above the planking, sand flat but only along and not across the seam. If you don't keep an eye on any that is proud there is a danger that you or a crew member's foot can roll it out of the seam!

    If you like the look of slightly weathered teak our boatyard guy uses Teak Wonder Cleaner if the skipper wants to refresh the wood. It's easy to apply and use, no hard scrubbing, just brush onto a wet deck until clean and then wash off. If a lighter new look is required, Teak Wonder Brightener is then applied, once again to a wet deck. The teak will lighten almost instantaneously. To keep the teak looking like new, once the deck is bone dry an application of Teak Wonder Dressing and Sealer is the answer. Me I have used with great success the Onward Trading Companies Teak Cleaner & Renovator both on boats and on our garden furniture.

    P1060141-250x187     P1060142-250x187

    To get into those awkward places, the Shurhold Detailing brush, which has of course stainless bristles, is an excellent bit of kit to carry on board. Shurhold ultra fine bronze woolis also a great product for use on teak and other marine wood, and can be used for polishing metal. Excellent for bringing back the shine to your stainless cooker hob, glass and can even be used to clean solar panels.


  • 97. Top Tips Tuesday - Caught On The Hop - Winter Boat Maintenance & Checks

    Ice On The Water - Royal Quays - Newcastle

    Were you caught on the hop with that cold snap this past weekend? Did you realise that despite draining down your boat's fresh water system you could still be in trouble if the small amount of fresh water left in your taps, shower head, water pressure pump or fresh water filter freezes? Freezeban is the correct product to use that enables you to rest assured if the temperature drops below freezing. Thermostatically controlled tube heaters which are very economical to run are ideal for keeping the engine bay or cabin at a warmer temperature, available in a range of sizes to suit your particular needs and if 'onboard' moisture is an issue the Meaco DD8L Junior dehumidifier is worth considering, with a pedigree which includes 'Best Buy' Sailing Today & 'Best On Test' Practical Boat Owner. It is in our opinion the only one to go for as it has the ability to perform right down to 0 degrees. If this week's forecast is correct and later in the week we are going to get more rain, if you haven't already done so, consider spraying the deck, cabin sides, any canvas work and rope that are left on during the winter months with some Wet & Forget. This brilliant product (read the product reviews on our site) will keep the green mould at bay with absolutely no hard work! If your boat is already tinted green no worries, spray on leave and let nature do the work!

    Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.04.17


    Winter Boat Maintenance & Checks

  • 79. Top Tips Tuesday - Lest We Forget - Maintenance Logbook

    Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 08.34.18

    Yup it’s the 1st day of September and for us Northern Folks summer is almost over, in a couple of weeks, if not earlier, there will be a nip in the air and of course the nights are drawing in fast, so whilst it’s still fresh in your mind why not put pen to paper and start listing (if you haven’t already done so) those maintenance jobs that you possibly forgot to do last fit out, but have now become a priority this time round! If like me you need a bit of discipline in your life and no I am not talking about my missus Jenny, why not invest in  that excellent Weems & Plath ‘The Maintenance Log’. Being spiral bound it can be opened flat and apart from a page devoted to the specification of the boat, there is a spare parts list, maintenance record, repair record, drawing pages in fact its 80 pages of critical maintenance information!

    Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 11.51.11

    Whilst we are on the subject of ‘coming to the end of the season’ with shorter days and an awful lot less sun, damp and windless days don’t forget there is an easy and cost effective way to stop the spread of green mould on your pride and joy, you can protect your lines, covers, decks etc and it entails NO yes NO hard work, Wet & Forget is a brilliant product that does what it says, when diluted in a ratio of 5:1 and sprayed on any surface it will prevent the growth of green mould on all substrates and if you already have mould present it will dissolve it. A bonus to this wonderful product is that you can also use it round the exterior of the house so it can be paid for out of the household budget!

    Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 11.51.24

    Next Monday Jenny and I fly out to Corfu to join our good friends on Nimrod Of Tyne for a couple of weeks of rest and recreation sailing in the Ionian, should there be no Top Tips Tuesday for three weeks you know the reason(s) why, could be a combination of too much sun, too much Ouzo/Retsina, or maybe a lack of WIFI!

  • 26. Top Tips Tuesday - Wet & Forget


    With the change in weather over the last week, it seemed appropriate that I should bring up the subject of the appearance of green mould on decks (both teak and GRP) and on spray hoods, canopies etc. Usually not a problem to the side of the boat that is ‘blessed’ with sunlight, however the opposite side that does not get its fair share that’s another matter as it’s surprising how quickly it can appear.

    I was introduced to Wet & Forget by Trevor the boss man at Tip Top Sail Laundry early this year, they had been asked to treat an extremely large sail only 1200 sq mtrs property of Mirabella V. Always on the lookout for something that does what it says and out of curiosity because it does not require any elbow grease I obtained a small quantity and in early March of this year sprayed Wet & Forget on a area of a wood fence/brick wall at the side of our house that rarely sees the sun, six days all the ‘green’ had almost disappeared! My next test was conducted on a road sign which looked as though it hadn’t been cleaned for ten years, three weeks later a marked improvement! Since then we have used it on a couple of boats in the local marina, with excellent results, shame the camera with those images fell overboard, but that’s another story! The beauty of Wet & Forget is that you DON’T need to use any elbow grease nor an aggressive high pressure hose which can cause tremendous damage to wooden decks and fabrics.

    P1050604 P1050699
  • SEASONAL BASH GONE BAD. Better Check Your Mooring Lines and Fenders.

    Was down at our local marina just after the height of the storm the other day and apart from the remains of a furling genoa flapping sadly in the breeze, I did see a few Mooring Lines and Fenders that were definitely past their ‘use by date’.

    If you are not using your boat during the winter, my recommendation is to strip all the ‘canvas’ work off to reduce windage and wear and tear, however if you are sneaking in the occasional sail, consider investing in a container of  Wet & Forget. It is a great treatment that will prevent sails/canopies etc ‘turning green'. Incidentally, it can also be used on teak decks, fiberglass etc as well as on your patio at home!

    Fenders with exposure to UV will, over time, lose their elasticity. That combined with a low temperature can give rise to failure just when you need them most, so make sure the best of the bunch are taking the most load.

    Lines are, of course, subject to chafe. Consider using chain round the pontoon berth cleat, a spring shock absorber and then make sure that your warps are protected from chafe at the ‘boat end’ by using something like the Spiroll Chafe Protectors.

    Picture 23
  • Flying off the shelves? 'Wet and Forget' will be soon!

    As usual we lead and the crowd follows, this is another excellent product that will be in stock before the end of this month (in time for ‘working off the turkey’ if you’re so inclined) 'Wet and Forget'. As a sail maker I first came across this product when our trade partners 'Tip Top Sail Laundry' (the guys who do such a good job of washing all our sails and covers) were asked by the owners representative of Mirabella V if they would coat the mainsail after washing it, incidentally its 1200 sq m! It is also great product for keeping your winter cover, sprayhood or stack pack free from mould and mildew. Works well in keeping your teak decks clear from  green slime, lichen and mould and works just as well on other surfaces such as glassfibre, metal and paintwork. Around the house and at the work place you can use it for the safe removal of moss from roofs, pathways etc etc. 'Wet and Forget' will not damage the surface as you do not have to use a pressure washer nor scrubbing brush. Apparently it’s has been used with great success to clean the Sydney Opera House and because its so safe and effective its used in sensitive location like Sea World.


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