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C-MAP MAX electronic charts have been a worldwide standard for years, providing cruisers, sailors and fishermen with the accurate, up-to-date chart data they need to enjoy each day on the water. We advise that C-Map plan their next update for MAX charts end of March 2023 and after that no further updates. MAX Charts will likely be dropped from their range by end of 2023. That means effectively your vessel will need a more up to date plotter as MAX will not be available from 2024.

  • Updated twice annually to provide all the latest detail and information
  • Compatible with dozens of chartplotters from top manufacturers
  • Extensive coverage of coastal waters, lakes and rivers
  • Local, Wide and MegaWide coverage for all charting needs and budgets - however local charts are not so cost effective! Local £10/MB, Wide £1/MB, Megawide £0.4/MB

C-Map MAX Charts are programmed in-house to order for same day despatch.

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  1. -10%
    C-Map MAX Wide Chart EW-M226 UK, Ireland & the Channel
  2. -9%
    C-Map MAX MegaWide Chart EW-M009 Atlantic European Coasts
  3. -10%
    C-Map MAX Wide Chart EW-M227 Northwest European Coasts
  4. -10%
    C-Map MAX Wide Chart EW-M228 West European Coasts
  5. -9%
    C-Map MAX MegaWide Chart EW-M010 West European Coasts & West Med
  6. -10%
    C-Map MAX Wide Chart EM-M976 Southwest European Coasts
  7. -9%
    C-Map MAX MegaWide Chart EM-M917 Mediterranean & Black Sea
  8. -9%
    C-Map MAX MegaWide Chart EN-M019 North & Baltic Seas
  9. -10%
    C-Map MAX Wide Chart EN-M300 North Sea & Denmark
  10. -8%
    C-Map MAX Local Chart EW-M018 English Channel Central: Portland Bill to Littlehampton
  11. -8%
    C-Map MAX Local Chart EW-M050 Dartmouth to Southampton
  12. -8%
    C-Map MAX Local Chart EW-M019 English Channel Western: Lizard to Weymouth
  13. -8%
    C-Map MAX Local Chart EW-M017 Falmouth to Lundy Island
  14. -8%
    C-Map MAX Local Chart EW-M020 Bristol to Milford Haven
  15. -8%
    C-Map MAX Local Chart EW-M021 Cardigan Bay
  16. -8%
    C-Map MAX Local Chart EW-M022 Irish Sea
  17. -8%
    C-Map MAX Local Chart EW-M028 Strangford Lough to Saltee
  18. -8%
    C-Map MAX Local Chart EW-M029 Waterford Harbour to Mizen Head
  19. -8%
    C-Map MAX Local Chart EW-M030 Mizen Head to Limerick
  20. -8%
    C-Map MAX Local Chart EW-M031 Kilkee Bay to Benwee Head
  21. -8%
    C-Map MAX Local Chart EW-M143 River Shannon
  22. -8%
    C-Map MAX Local Chart EW-M032 Benwee Head to Culdaff Bay
  23. -8%
    C-Map MAX Local Chart EW-M033 Strangford Lough to Lough Foyle
  24. -8%
    C-Map MAX Local Chart EW-M023 Firth of Clyde
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