Navionics+ Small Charts: Europe

5G829S/UK Chichester to Falmouth5G830S/UK Exmouth to Liverpool5G825S/UK Waterford to Aran Island5G826S/UK Irish Sea & S.W. Scotland5G824S/UK N Ireland & W Scotland5G827S/UK N&E Scotland & Faroe Is5G849S/UK Anstruther to Southend5G828S/UK Scarborough to Littlehampton5G822S/UK Walton-on-the-Naze to Portland5G576S2 Inland UK & Ireland5G558S2 Zeebrugge to St Valery5G557S2 Jersey to Le Treport5G556S2 Channel Islands5G555S2 Lorient to Paimpol5G554S2 Olonne to Douarnenez5G553S2 Arcachon to Penerf5G552S2 Bilbao to Olonne5G550S2 Carino to Cap Breton5G549S2 Leixoes to Navia5G548S2 North Portugal5G615S2 South Portugal5G551S2 Canaries and Madeira5G130S Azores5G546S2 Estepona to Sines5G545S2 Aguilas to Cadiz5G544S2 Valencia to Almerimar5G356S2 Mallorca and Menorca5G543S2 Barcelona to Benidorm5G542S2 Barcelona5G541S2 Gulf of Lion5G540S2 Alassio to Port St-Louis5G535S2 Rapallo to Cavalaire5G536S2 Corsica and N Sardinia5G537S2 Sardinia5G534S2 Liguria5G533S2 San Vincenzo to Salerno5G532S2 Anzio to Amantea5G531S2 Sicily5G530S2 Calabria5G529S2 Puglia to Ionio5G528S2 Bari to P.Barricata5G820S Fano to Sibenik5G525S2 Croatia5G524S2 Kefalinia-Korcula5G362S2 Corfu to Patrai5G523S2 Peloponnisos5G519S2 Kiklades5G518S2 Crete5G522S2 Northeast Greece5G521S2 North Aegean Sea5G360S2 Istanbul5G520S2 West Turkey5G517S2 Southwest Turkey5G516S2 Samandagi to Manavgat5G515S2 Cyprus5G221S Yumurtalik to Beirut5G209S Tartus to Ashqelon5G208S Suez Canal5G202S Tobruk to Iskandariya5G206S As Sidrah to Tobruk5G220S Abu Kammash to Surt5G324S Hunays to As Zawaiyah5G193S El Kalah to Lampedusa5G199S2 Bejaia to Tabarka5G197S Arzew to Dellys5G577S2 Nieuwpoort to Den Oever5G579S2 Den Helder to Jadebusen5G580S2 Delfzijl to Tuemlauer5G581S2 Harlesiel to Mandoe5G582S2 Husum to Hals5G583S2 Voersaa to Fehmarn5G584S2 Fehmarn to Swinoujscie5G585S2 Darß to Kolobrzeg5G340S Kolobrzeg to Leba5G602S2 South Sweden5G483S2 West Sweden5G832S Flekkefjord to Oslo5G833S Stord to Lindesnes5G606S2 Sognefjord to Haugesund5G835S2 Frøya to Sognefjorden5G836S Tosenfjorden to Kristiansund5G837S Brønnøysund to Bodø5G609S2 Inndyr to Senja5G838S Stokmarknes-Hasvik5G430S Jarfjorden to Sørøya5G366S Byrknes to Roald5G872S Inland FinlandNavionics+ Small Charts: Europe

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Navionics+ Small Charts: Europe

Product overview

Nautical Chart - comprehensive charts derived from multiple official, government and private sources, displayed in a familiar look and feel
Sonar Chart - innovative 1' (0.5 m) bathymetry charts created using Navionics proprietary systems
Community Edits - useful local knowledge from edits made by users of the Navionics Boating app

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Navionics+Small charts are a useful option for older plotters that are unable to handle the higher memory requirements of Gold XL9 and Platinum+ charts, however they are now produced on a 2GB card and some older plotters might either need a software upgrade or be unable to read a 2GB card. Please check before ordering.

Compatibility tables for current Plotters

Plotters no longer supported

Please check the above tables for your model of plotter.

Please advise us of your model using the Plotter Model box when placing an order so we can provide the correct format.

Navionics+ Small charts

Listing order   By Chart ref
5G829S/UK  Chichester to Falmouth   5G005S2  Greenland: Paamuit
5G830S/UK  Exmouth to Liverpool   5G006S2  Greenland: Nuuk
5G825S/UK  Waterford to Aran Island   5G007S2  Greenland: Sisimuit
5G826S/UK  Irish Sea & S.W. Scotland   5G008S2  Greenland: Amerdloq to Savik
5G824S/UK  N Ireland & W Scotland   5G009S2  Greenland: Ilulissat
5G827S/UK  N&E Scotland & Faroe Isles   5G010S2  Greenland: Thule
5G849S/UK  Anstruther to Southend   5G011S2  Greenland: Narsarsuak
5G828S/UK  Scarborough to Littlehampton   5G012S2  Greenland: Qaqortoq
5G822S/UK  Walton-on-the-Naze to Portland   5G013S2  Greenland: Schweizerland
5G576S2/UK  Inland UK and Ireland   5G130S  Azores
5G558S2  Zeebrugge to St Valery   5G153S2  Gotland island
5G557S2  Jersey to Le Treport   5G191S2  Narvskiy Zaliv
5G556S2  Channel Islands   5G193S2  El Kalah to Lampedusa
5G555S2  Lorient to Paimpol   5G197S2  Dellys to Arzew
5G554S2  Olonne to Douarnenez   5G199S2  Béjaïa to Tabarka
5G553S2  Arcachon to Penerf   5G202S2  Tobruk to Iskandariya
5G552S2  Bilbao to Olonne   5G206S2  As Sidrah to Tobruk
5G550S2  Carino to Cap Breton   5G208S2  Suez Canal
5G549S2  Leixoes to Navia   5G209S2  Tartus to Ashqelon
5G548S2  North Portugal   5G220S2  Abu Kammash to Surt
5G615S2  South Portugal   5G221S2  Yumurtalik to Beirut
5G551S2  Canaries and Madeira   5G295S2  St Petersburg
5G130S  Azores   5G303S2  Kalix to Jakobstad
5G546S2  Estepona to Sines   5G309S2  Norrbyskär to Kalix
5G545S2  Aguilas to Cadiz   5G324S2  Hunays to As Zawaiyah
5G544S2  Valencia to Almerimar   5G330S2  Saaremaa
5G356S2  Mallorca and Menorca   5G332S2  West Latvia
5G543S2  Barcelona to Benidorm   5G333S2  Southwest Latvia
5G542S2  Barcelona   5G336S2  Lithuania
5G541S2  Gulf of Lion   5G337S2  Poland
5G540S2  Alassio to Port St-Louis   5G340S2  Kolobrzeg to Leba
5G535S2  Rapallo to Cavalaire   5G356S2  Mallorca and Menorca
5G536S2  Corsica and N Sardinia   5G360S2  Istanbul
5G537S2  Sardinia   5G362S2  Corfu to Patrai
5G534S2  Liguria   5G365S2  Hiiumaa-West Estonia
5G533S2  San Vincenzo to Salerno   5G401S2  Inland Finland
5G532S2  Anzio to Amantea   5G404S2  Inland Poland
5G531S2  Sicily   5G426S  Namsos to Tosen
5G530S2  Calabria   5G430S  Jarfjorden to Sørøya
5G529S2  Puglia to Ionio   5G482S2  East Sweden
5G528S2  Bari to P.Barricata   5G483S2  West Sweden
5G820S  Fano to Sibenik   5G515S2  Cyprus
5G525S2  Croatia   5G516S2  Samandagi to Manavgat
5G524S2  Kefalinia-Korcula   5G517S2  Southwest Turkey
5G362S2  Corfu to Patrai   5G518S2  Crete
5G523S2  Peloponnisos   5G519S2  Kiklades
5G518S2  Crete   5G520S2  West Turkey
5G519S2  Kiklades   5G521S2  North Aegean Sea
5G522S2  Northeast Greece   5G522S2  Northeast Greece
5G521S2  North Aegean Sea   5G523S2  Peloponnisos
5G360S2  Istanbul   5G524S2  Kefalinia-Korcula
5G871S Turkey Igneada to Hopa    5G525S2  Croatia
5G520S2  West Turkey   5G528S2  Bari to P.Barricata
5G517S2  Southwest Turkey   5G529S2  Puglia to Ionio
5G516S2  Samandagi to Manavgat   5G530S2  Calabria
5G515S2  Cyprus   5G531S2  Sicily
5G221S2  Yumurtalik to Beirut   5G532S2  Anzio to Amantea
5G209S2  Tartus to Ashqelon   5G533S2  San Vincenzo to Salerno
5G208S2  Suez Canal   5G534S2  Liguria
5G202S2  Tobruk to Iskandariya   5G535S2  Rapallo to Cavalaire
5G206S2  As Sidrah to Tobruk   5G536S2  Corsica and N Sardinia
5G220S2  Abu Kammash to Surt   5G537S2  Sardinia
5G324S2  Hunays to As Zawaiyah   5G538S2  Inland France & Swiss Lakes
5G193S2  El Kalah to Lampedusa   5G539S2  Italian Lakes & River Po
5G199S2  Béjaïa to Tabarka   5G540S2  Alassio to Port St-Louis
5G197S2  Dellys to Arzew   5G541S2  Gulf of Lion
5G577S2  Nieuwpoort to Den Oever   5G542S2  Barcelona
5G579S2  Den Helder to Jadebusen   5G543S2  Barcelona to Benidorm
5G580S2  Delfzijl to Tuemlauer   5G544S2  Valencia to Almerimar
5G581S2  Harlesiel to Mandoe   5G545S2  Aguilas to Cadiz
5G582S2  Husum to Hals   5G546S2  Estepona to Sines
5G583S2  Voersaa to Fehmarn   5G548S2  North Portugal
5G584S2  Fehmarn to Swinoujscie   5G549S2  Leixoes to Navia
5G585S2  Darß to Kolobrzeg   5G550S2  Carino to Cap Breton
5G340S2  Kolobrzeg to Leba   5G551S2  Canaries and Madeira
5G337S2  Poland   5G552S2  Bilbao to Olonne
5G336S2  Lithuania   5G553S2  Arcachon to Penerf
5G333S2  Southwest Latvia   5G554S2  Olonne to Douarnenez
5G332S2  West Latvia   5G555S2  Lorient to Paimpol
5G330S2  Saaremaa   5G556S2  Channel Islands
5G365S2  Hiiumaa-West Estonia   5G557S2  Jersey to Le Treport
5G191S2  Narvskiy Zaliv   5G558S2  Zeebrugge to St Valery
5G295S2  St Petersburg   5G576S2/UK  Inland UK and Ireland
5G587S2  Primorsk to Kalkstrand   5G577S2  Nieuwpoort to Den Oever
5G588S2  Loviisa to Vestlax   5G578S2  Holland Inland
5G589S2  Lango to Turku   5G579S2  Den Helder to Jadebusen
5G591S2  Raisio to Molpe   5G580S2  Delfzijl to Tuemlauer
5G592S2  Storkors to Mansikka   5G581S2  Harlesiel to Mandoe
5G303S2  Kalix to Jakobstad   5G582S2  Husum to Hals
5G309S2  Norrbyskär to Kalix   5G583S2  Voersaa to Fehmarn
5G599S2  Hamnskär to Norrskä & Inland Sweden   5G584S2  Fehmarn to Swinoujscie
5G600S2  Gran I. - Oeregrund   5G585S2  Darß to Kolobrzeg
5G590S2  Saha to Åland I.   5G586S2  St Petersburg & Lake Onega
5G482S2  East Sweden   5G587S2  Primorsk to Kalkstrand
5G601S2  Southeast Sweden   5G588S2  Loviisa to Vestlax
5G153S2  Gotland island   5G589S2  Lango to Turku
5G602S2  South Sweden   5G590S2  Saha to Åland I.
5G483S2  West Sweden   5G591S2  Raisio to Molpe
5G832S2  Flekkefjord to Oslo   5G592S2  Storkors to Mansikka
5G833S2  Stord to Lindesnes   5G599S2  Hamnskär to Norrskä & Inland Sweden
5G606S2  Sognefjord to Haugesund   5G600S2  Gran I. - Oeregrund
5G835S2  Frøya to Sognefjorden   5G601S2  Southeast Sweden
5G836S  Tosenfjorden to Kristiansund   5G602S2  South Sweden
5G837S  Brønnøysund to Bodø   5G606S2  Sognefjord to Haugesund
5G426S  Namsos to Tosen   5G609S2  Inndyr to Senja
5G609S2  Inndyr to Senja   5G611S2  Danube Delta
5G838S  Stokmarknes-Hasvik   5G612S2  Dnieper River
5G430S  Jarfjorden to Sørøya   5G615S2  South Portugal
5G013S2  Greenland: Schweizerland   5G820S  Fano to Sibenik
5G012S2  Greenland: Qaqortoq   5G822S/UK  Walton-on-the-Naze to Portland
5G011S2  Greenland: Narsarsuak   5G824S/UK  N Ireland & W Scotland
5G005S2  Greenland: Paamuit   5G825S/UK  Waterford to Aran Island
5G006S2  Greenland: Nuuk   5G826S/UK  Irish Sea & S.W. Scotland
5G007S2  Greenland: Sisimuit   5G827S/UK  N&E Scotland & Faroe Isles
5G008S2  Greenland: Amerdloq to Savik   5G828S/UK  Scarborough to Littlehampton
5G009S2  Greenland: Ilulissat   5G829S/UK  Chichester to Falmouth
5G010S2  Greenland: Thule   5G830S/UK  Exmouth to Liverpool
5G538S2  Inland France & Swiss Lakes   5G832S2  Flekkefjord to Oslo
5G578S2  Holland Inland   5G833S2  Stord to Lindesnes
5G611S2  Danube Delta   5G835S2  Frøya to Sognefjorden
5G612S2  Dnieper River   5G836S  Tosenfjorden to Kristiansund
5G539S2  Italian Lakes & River Po   5G837S  Brønnøysund to Bodø
5G404S2  Inland Poland   5G838S  Stokmarknes-Hasvik
5G586S2  St Petersburg & Lake Onega   5G849S/UK  Anstruther to Southend
5G401S2  Inland Finland   5G871S Turkey Igneada to Hopa 


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