Tri-Reacher Telescopic Whisker Pole, Stows 8ft 8in, extends to 21ft 8in

Tri-Reacher Telescopic Whisker Pole, Stows 8ft 8in, extends to 21ft 8in

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Tri-Reacher Telescopic Whisker Pole, Stows 8ft 8in, extends to 21ft 8in

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Forespar logoForespar Telescopic poles - Easy to deploy and easy to stow. The Tri-Reacher Whisker pole is suitable for boats from 30 to 40ft.

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The new Forespar Tri-Reacher Whisker Pole has been developed specifically for use with asymmetric / gennaker nylon sails. Use of a whisker pole with these sails will allow deeper sailing angles and eliminate the need for constant gybing downwind. On long downwind legs, the additional rigging of fore and after guys (attached to the outboard end) will further stabilize the pole. This will also allow emergency furling of the headsail without the need to go forward and deal with the pole first. This helps greatly when sailing at night or short-handed.

  • Collapses to 8’ and extends to 21’.
  • Self latching fittings on both ends. UXP pole ends fit a 1/2" ring or bolt and require 1" space or 1 1/2" ring I.D.
  • Weight 22lbs (10kg)

How do you know when it’s time to deploy a whisker pole for downwind sailing? When the jib sheet goes limp and you have to head up to get more boat speed or you have had to sheet in until the jib leech is too close to the main and is denigrating its’ performance. Then it’s time!

However, other factors require consideration. In heavy winds giving near hull speed, deploying a pole will only be advantageous after you are way off the wind like 150º apparent.

Note however you don't have to goosewing to gain an advantage with a whisker pole. Many of us come from a racing background steeped in the knowledge that you can't have a headsail poled out on the same side as the mainsail - well if you are not racing, of course you can! It makes the headsail much more effective on a reach.

Same Side Pole Deployment

Experimentation also applies to learning to set the pole easily and properly. For goosewinging, the pole should be kept near 90º to the apparent wind just as with spinnaker pole practice.

When trimming the sheet, keep in mind that very significant compressive loads can be exerted on the pole in strong winds. Please understand that you are creating a force vector on the pole. As a matter of fact, you could, on a still day tied up at the dock with the jib up, crank in the sheet with a winch until you had buckled the pole. To get the most lift and best speed out of a poled out jib, trim it until the leech (which is now acting as the luff) begins to curl back just as is done with a spinnaker.

As you head more and more on a downwind course there will be a tendency for the jib clew to lift and even oscillate up and down. A fore-guy will help keep the clew at the right height for best boat speed. This height will vary as dictated by apparent-wind speeds and angles or even wave conditions. On smaller boats, say under about 30 feet, the leeward sheet can be tucked under a bow cleat horn and used as a downhaul. On boats 30 ft. and over you should be using both a topping lift and a fore-guy.

Whisker poles cannot be gybed end-for-end as with spinnaker poles. The procedure is to ease the foreguy, remove the pole from the mast, pass it aft between the mast and what will become the lee shrouds until the forward end can be passed through the fore-triangle and switch the sheet attachment on the forward end of the pole. Then push the pole to weather and reattach to the mast. The sheet trimmer must tend the weather sheet to help control the pole as it is pushed forward else the jib and the pole will be slammed against the head stay. The main should not be gybed until the pole gybe is completed.

When it’s time to dowse the pole it is pretty much a reverse process. Ease the sheet, detach from the mast, pass the pole aft on the lee side and disconnect from the sheet. The helmsman must not head up until the pole is completely disconnected and off the foredeck. The pole should be kept level at all times. To accomplish this there will need to be multiple or adjustable mast attachment fittings (track & cars) on the mast except for small day-sailors with a single jib inventory.

Tech Tip: CARE OF END FITTINGS The most effective method of keeping deck hardware (e.g. pole ends, cams etc.) working freely is to wash them thoroughly with fresh water after every race or cruise. This is especially important when using spinnaker/ whisker poles, tiller extensions or other telescoping equipment. Salt and sand that is not cleaned out can destroy the locks, cams, springs or rollers in a matter of months. Forespar® strongly advises against the use of lubricants on pole ends and telescoping poles. This can clog spring housings and ball bearings and can destroy twist-lock components. As a general rule, all fittings on deck, whether a dinghy or an ocean racer, should be maintained regularly. As previously mentioned, the best treatment is fresh water washing/flushing. This attention to maintenance will ensure that every fitting on your yacht will function at its best and attain a maximum performance life.

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