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Discover Above Deck's Shackles and Fittings department, your go-to source for top-tier marine hardware. Our comprehensive selection features high-strength shackles, cleats, and fittings, all engineered to endure the demanding conditions of life at sea. Whether you're rigging, mooring, or outfitting your vessel, our reliable and durable products guarantee optimal performance and safety. Trust our expertise to supply the essential fittings that ensure your maritime operations run smoothly and securely.


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Split Rings
Split Rings Sale price£2.86
Stainless Steel D Shackle (4mm)
Galvanised Bow Shackle (Multiple Sizes)
Carbine Hook
Carbine Hook Sale priceFrom £3.20
Galvanised D Shackle (Multiple Sizes)
Stainless Steel Wide Shackle (Multiple Sizes)
Long D Shackle (6mm - 12mm)
Long D Shackle (6mm - 12mm) Sale priceFrom £3.95
navigation light
navigation light Sale price£32.95
Stainless Steel Long Dee Shackle (5mm)
Deck Eye 28mm
Sea Sure
Deck Eye 28mm Sale price£1.75
Deck Eye 25mm
Sea Sure
Deck Eye 25mm Sale price£2.25
Deck Eye 31mm
Sea Sure
Deck Eye 31mm Sale price£1.95
Deck Eye (Multiple Sizes)
Deck Eye (Multiple Sizes) Sale priceFrom £5.45
Fixed Snap Shackle (32mm - 93mm)
Stainless Steel Bow Shackle (Multiple Sizes)
Strip Shackle (10mm X 17mm)
Strip Shackle (5mm X 13mm)
Stainless Steel Captive Pin Shackle (4mm)
Strip Shackle (15mm X 26m)
Halyard Shackle (5mm)
Strip Shackle (5mm)
Twisted Shackle (5mm)
Standard D Shackle (4mm)
Standard D Shackle (5mm)