Anchoring & Mooring

Anchors and mooring lines are essential components in maritime operations, serving to secure vessels and maintain their position in water. Anchors are heavy devices, typically made of metal, designed to dig into the seabed to prevent a boat or ship from drifting due to currents or wind. Mooring lines, on the other hand, are ropes, cables, or chains used to tether a vessel to a fixed point such as a dock, buoy, or another ship. Together, anchors and mooring lines ensure the stability and safety of vessels while they are stationary, facilitating safe boarding, cargo operations, and protection against environmental forces.


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Fender Lanyards (8mm X 2m X 70mm Eye)

2 colors available

Pre-Spliced Mooring LinesPre-Spliced Mooring Lines
Pre-Spliced Mooring Lines Sale priceFrom £20.95

2 colors available

Sold out
A1 Fender White/Blue 29 x 37cm (11.5 x 14.5")
navigation light
navigation light Sale price£32.95
Ladder Fender 2 Step
Ladder Fender 2 Step Sale price£49.95

1 color available

Sold out
Majoni Fender Replacement Valve Fvalve
Sold out
F3 Fender White/Blue - 22 x 76cm (9 x 30")
Pick Up Buoy Yellow (28 x 20cm)
Bow Fender With Strap Blue (28 x 10 x 38cm)
Star 2 Fender White (15cm x 58cm)
Star 3 Fender White (21cm x 62cm )Star 3 Fender White (21cm x 62cm )
Vulcan Anchor 15kgVulcan Anchor 15kg
Vulcan Anchor 15kg Sale price£599.95
Sea Anchor 15' - 45'
Sea Anchor 15' - 45' Sale priceFrom £13.95
Folding Anchor 0.7kg - 10kg
Folding Anchor 0.7kg - 10kg Sale priceFrom £14.95
Fishermans Anchor 6kg - 18kg
Claw Anchor 5kg - 7.5kg
Claw Anchor 5kg - 7.5kg Sale priceFrom £49.95
Claw Anchor 2.5kg - 30kg
Claw Anchor 2.5kg - 30kg Sale priceFrom £28.95
Danforth Anchor 10kg
White Pre-Packed Mooring Lines
Ladder Fender 4 Step White 4 Step White
Bow Fender V-Shape Navy (60x14cm)
Bow Fender With Bulb White 31x20x48cm (12x8x19")
Star 4 Fender Navy (24cm x 70cm)Star 4 Fender Navy (24cm x 70cm)
Fender Clip Wire