A fender is a protective device used on boats to prevent damage when docking or mooring. Typically made from rubber, foam, or plastic, fenders act as a buffer between the boat and the dock or other vessels, absorbing impacts and minimizing the risk of scratches, dents, and other damage. Available in various shapes and sizes, fenders can be hung over the side of the boat and adjusted to the appropriate height, ensuring optimal protection during docking maneuvers.


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Ladder Fender 2 Step
Ladder Fender 2 Step Sale price£49.95

1 color available

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Majoni Fender Replacement Valve Fvalve
Sold out
F3 Fender White/Blue 51018
Pick Up Buoy Yellow A0217Yw
Bow Fender With Strap Blue A0031Ny
Star 2 White F002W
Star 2 White F002W Sale price£16.95
Star 3 White F003WStar 3 White F003W
Star 3 White F003W Sale price£21.95
Ladder Fender 4 Step White 4 Step White
Bow Fender BlueBow Fender Blue
Bow Fender With Bulb White A0041Wh
Star 4 Navy F004NStar 4 Navy F004N
Star 4 Navy F004N Sale price£28.95
Ladder Fender 3 Step White 3 Step White
Ladder Fender 4 Step Blue 4 Step BlueLadder Fender 4 Step Blue 4 Step Blue
Bow Fender White
Bow Fender White Sale price£22.45
Atriculated Dock Fender White Dock 1
Majoni Fender Inflation Adaptor Fadpt
F1 Fender White/Blue 51012
F2 Fender White/Blue 51016
F02 Fender White/Blue 51014
F5 Fender White/Blue 51022
F4 Fender White/Blue 51020
F7 Fender White/Blue 51026
A0 Fender White/Blue 51059