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Trailer Service Packages

Ensure your trailer operates at its best with our comprehensive inspection and maintenance solutions. From electrical checks to wheel bearing inspections, our expert technicians are dedicated to keeping your trailer safe and reliable for every journey.

North East Trailer Servicing

We provide expert trailer servicing from our North Shields Service Centre, catering to the entire North East region and beyond. Additionally, we specialise in a wide range of repair services tailored to your requirements.

Trailer Service Packages

Our comprehensive trailer servicing is designed to ensure optimal performance and safety. Our expert technicians perform a detailed inspection and maintenance routine, covering all critical components:

  • Elevate and secure the trailer with axle stands, ensuring all wheels, including the jockey wheel, are off the ground.
  • Disassemble hubs to inspect bearings and seals, thoroughly checking for wear and damage.
  • Inspect wheel studs for integrity, re-grease bearings, and reassemble the hubs.
  • Examine coupling and draw bar bushes for wear, inspect rubber bellows for splits, and assess the breakaway cable and damper operation. Apply grease as needed.
  • Dismantle the jockey wheel assembly, clean the inner shaft, and re-grease all moving parts.
  • Inspect the rubber-tyred wheel for wear and damage (if applicable).
  • Reassemble the jockey wheel, ensuring the clamp pad is correctly positioned (if fitted).
  • Inspect Indespension units, as well as coil and leaf springs, for damage, with particular attention to spring hangers and bolts.
  • Verify the security and condition of mudguards and their mountings.
Trailer Servicing

Price List (Ex VAT)

Single Axle Un-Braked Trailer (up to 750KG)

£80+ VAT

Single Axle Braked Trailer

£100+ VAT

Twin Axle Braked Trailer

£150+ VAT

Tri Axle Braked Trailer

£180+ VAT