Service Kit Sk Marine 002

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Service Kit Sk Marine 002

Service Kit Sk Marine 002

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The SK Marine 002 Service Kit is designed to provide a comprehensive maintenance solution for a variety of outboard engines. This all-inclusive kit contains the necessary components to perform a thorough service, ensuring your engine operates at peak efficiency and reliability. Regular maintenance using this kit will help prolong the life of your outboard motor.

Kit Contents and Usage Instructions:

Oil Filter: The kit includes a high-quality oil filter designed to remove contaminants from the engine oil, thereby protecting the engine from wear and tear. To use, first remove the old oil filter. Lubricate the gasket on the new filter with a small amount of new oil. Install the new filter by hand until snug, then tighten an additional three-quarters of a turn.

Fuel Filter: This durable fuel filter ensures that clean fuel is delivered to the engine, preventing blockages and maintaining optimal performance. Remove the old fuel filter and install the new one, ensuring correct orientation as indicated by the arrows on the filter.

Spark Plugs: High-performance spark plugs included in the kit ensure efficient combustion and smooth engine operation. Remove the old spark plugs using a spark plug socket. Check the gap on the new spark plugs and adjust if necessary. Install the new spark plugs by hand to avoid cross-threading, then tighten with a torque wrench to the specified setting.

Gearcase Lubricant: The premium gearcase lubricant reduces friction and wear in the gearcase, enhancing durability and performance. To use, drain the old gearcase lubricant by removing the drain and vent plugs. Use a lubricant pump to fill from the bottom until it overflows from the vent hole. Replace and tighten the vent and drain plugs.

Engine Oil: High-quality engine oil is provided to lubricate engine components, reduce friction, and prevent overheating. Drain the old oil from the engine. Refill with the specified type and quantity of new oil using a funnel. Replace the oil cap and clean up any spills.

Impeller Kit: This complete kit includes an impeller, gaskets, and seals to ensure efficient cooling system operation and prevent engine overheating. Remove the bolts securing the lower unit to access the water pump. Replace the old impeller, gaskets, and seals with new components from the kit. Reassemble the water pump housing and reattach the lower unit.

Thermostat: The precise thermostat included regulates engine temperature, ensuring optimal operating conditions. Remove the old thermostat from its housing. Install the new thermostat and gasket. Reassemble and secure the housing.

Anodes: Sacrificial anodes protect the engine from galvanic corrosion, extending the lifespan of metal components. Inspect all anodes and replace any that are more than 50% corroded. Install new anodes, ensuring they are securely fastened.

Oil Drain Plug Gasket: The new gasket for the oil drain plug prevents leaks and ensures a tight seal. Replace the old gasket with the new one during the oil change.

Grease: Marine-grade grease is included to lubricate moving parts, preventing wear and corrosion. Apply grease to all specified fittings and moving parts as per the service manual.

Instructions for Use:

Before beginning any maintenance, ensure the engine is off and cool. Disconnect the battery to prevent accidental start-ups. Follow the detailed instructions provided for each component, referring to the engine's service manual for specific guidelines and torque specifications. Properly dispose of old oil, filters, and other used materials in accordance with local regulations. After completing the maintenance, reassemble any parts that were removed, reconnect the battery, start the engine, and check for any leaks or abnormalities. Finally, conduct a water test to ensure the engine operates correctly.

Using the high-quality components in the SK Marine 002 Service Kit and following these detailed instructions will help you maintain your outboard motor in excellent condition, ensuring reliable performance and extending its service life